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CX Influencers 2020

Top 20 CX Influencers To Follow In 2020 – MattsenKumar Edition

2020 started as a normal year and continued that way up until March but since then, we all are facin...

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Call Center Benchmarking

What, Why and How of Call Center Benchmarking?

Rigorous scrutiny, traversing for redundancies and unearthing inefficiencies were the stereotyped de...

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customer experience metrics

5 Key Customer Experience Metrics that Can Help You Double the Revenue

A consumer-facing business often faces a dilemma about whether to improve on customer experience man...

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Mystery Shopping for BFSI

Mystery Shopping for BFSI: Your Own Supervisory Tool

With the changing trends and the emerging needs of improved customer experience, it has become cruci...

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mystery shopping program

10 Best Practices To Follow And Know More With Mystery Shopping

Every business wants to be its customers’ preferred choice. Be it in terms of customer service, prod...

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Customer Experince

10 Effective Ways to Deliver Top-Notch CX Every Time

When a customer is asked about the best customer experience he/she ever had in his/her life, it woul...

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mystery shopping tips

Mystery Shopping 101 – The Secret Weapon In Your CX Assessment Arsenal

You always attempt to deliver the best-in-class services to attain maximum customer satisfaction and...

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Net Promoter Score

10 Critical Factors That May Impact Your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

A number of measures have been taken by several companies to improve their Net Promoter Score (NPS)....

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CX female leaders 2019

International Women’s Day: Top 7 Female CX Leaders To Follow in 2019

“A woman is like a magic wand that can transform your world. She is the one who can make your life m...

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top CX blogs to follow in 2019

Top 12 Customer Experience (CX) Blogs To Follow in 2019

The term customer experience or CX is emerging as one of the key differentiators to drive growth and...

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