Data Visualization Services

An exquisite representation of data in graphs, charts, and intuitive dashboards tell a better story than a thousand words. Let alone storytelling, Data Visualization empowers organizations to quickly identify KPIs and analyze industry-critical metrics. Cloud-based Data Intelligence tool backs businesses and allows them to make efficient decisions.

At MattsenKumar, through interactive business intelligence tools, we design instinctual dashboards that showcase a pictorial representation of their complex data.

Our Services

Microsoft Power BI Visualization

Our data visualization experts cater to businesses with humongous data to manage and harvest. By leveraging Power BI, we help organizations go from data to insights within minutes. Cloud-Based data visualization permits stakeholders to view, analyze, and explore from anywhere, anytime.

Tableau Data Visualization

Our Tableau experts help corporations break-through the monotonous reliance on unharvested data. With the power to harness data, businesses can disrupt industries and become industry leaders. Representation of complex data in graphs and charts improves the pace of business processes and promotes efficiency.

QlikView Data Visualization

We rely on a combination of human brainpower and artificial intelligence for improving the flow and understanding of data. With QlikView data visualization services businesses can enjoy access to end-to-end data management and analytics platform, which helps them decipher opportunities.

Other Data Visualization Tools

We cater to varied needs of an organization related to dataset or tools that includes integrated analysis, reporting, mobile analytics, and desktop integration to improve their decision-making processes, impress stakeholders and enhance their financial output with tools like Oracle Business Intelligence, Pentaho, JasperReports and Sisense.

Featured Dashboards

View Industry & Business Function Specific Dashboards in Our Data Visualization Gallery


  • Lightning
  • $ 6,400
  • 1 or 2 data sources
  • Data preparation is simple
    (Power BI Pivots and charts)
  • 2 weeks implementation
  • Lightning
  • $ 9,600
  • 1 – 3 data sources
  • Data preparation is medium complex (Charts, pivots and graphical representation with drill downs)
  • 3 weeks implementation
  • Lightning
  • $ 12,800
  • 4 or more data sources
  • Data preparation is complex (Custom power BI visualizations)
  • 4 weeks implementation

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Why Work With Us?

  • Speedy Interpretation of Information

    By rendering a pictorial representation of composite data through intelligent dashboards, we help enterprises explore, analyze and interpret data in no time. Such speedy interpretation helps businesses make decisions in real-time that can disrupt industries.

  • Communicate your data story

    Telling a story through a pictorial representation of data can enamor stakeholders and empower the targeted audience. Dashboards and charts can help to strengthen the existing processes while looking for newer avenues of growth.

  • Identify Patterns, Trends, and Insights

    We help your organizations analyze data to decipher customer behavior and predict emerging trends. Such advanced analytics helps enterprises to discover gridlock situations in advance. Reliance on data-driven dashboards helps in minimizing the impact of gridlocks.