The objective of transcription service is to grasp the most valuable pointers from recorded audio. Often contact center agents overlook the hidden details or the underlying challenge, which can be later highlighted and worked upon with the help of transcription services.

MattsenKumar’s transcription services are designed to convert audio files into text enabling organizations to gather more value from the raw data. We offer transcription services for varied domains including interviews, video content, call center recordings, and more.

With our transcription services, we aim at helping companies buy their valuable time back and discover hidden gems of wisdom from the existing content/data. By leveraging an array of methodology and technology, we allow companies to have a broader approach towards data analysis, which contributes

Transcription Services constitutes of offerings like

Audio Transcription Services

Make your market research activities more robust with our audio transcription services. We also cater to the audio transcription needs of the contact center, the entertainment industry, HR departments, and many more.

We at MattsenKumar believe the end-goal of audio transcription services is to highlight the hidden gems from a conversation. With our audio-to-text services, organizations can read through and in-between lines and identify patterns and underlying challenges.

Quality audio transcription at an affordable price is what we are promising to all our global clients. We have collaborated with reputed organizations and have helped them garner incomparable benefits from their audio repositories.

Video Transcription Services

The demand for creating content in vernacular language is on the rise and companies are contemplating options for catering to a wider audience base. With video transcription services, companies can enable people from varied languages and geographies to enjoy a piece of video content.

Video transcription services enable organizations to reach out to non-native speakers with their brand advertisement or offerings. The transcription services also help with search engine optimization, which impacts the organic growth of an organization.

Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription Services

  • Data Analysis

    Transcription services convert raw data into a computable one. With audio-to-text services, companies can read in-between the lines and gain incomparable insight into customer queries and challenges.

  • More Work in Less Time

    Let’s admit transcription works demand huge hours of man work. With key stakeholders spending their time transcribing audios, companies are likely to suffer. Transcription services allow businesses to get more work in less time and they don’t even cost much.

  • Discover Opportunities

    Video transcription services allow organizations to use the same piece of content for the audience from varied geographies. Subtitle writing goes a long way in creating a wider organic reach at an affordable price.

Why Choose MK’s Audio & Video Transcription Services?

  • Demonstrated History

    With years of experience in back-office process outsourcing, we have collaborated with multiple global organizations and have catered to their varied needs. We never shy away from taking an innovative approach to solving a contemporary problem.

  • Utmost Focus on Quality

    Quality is the core focus of every project we undertake at MK. Our teams are highly trained and equipped with the latest quality methodologies and approaches to ensure impeccable service delivery.

  • State of the Art Infrastructure

    With a team of professionals housed in a state-of-the-art infrastructure function on a robust IT network, we are certainly your best transcription service provider out there.

  • Highly Economical

    Our Audio & Video transcription services in India are highly cost-effective and they allow businesses to gain heavily from their raw data. Our team of professionals relies on proven paradigms to ensuring accuracy in transcription.