Customer Experience Management

With 73% of buyers claiming customer experience to be a decision influencer, organizations are pivoting from customer-centric to customer-influencing mindset. With the willingness to improve customer’s journeys, enterprises are ready to invest in customer experience management.

We at MattsenKumar are relying heavily on Key Driver Analytics and Mystery Shopping to help organizations improve the company’s customer experience management by a notch. By traversing through the varied processes and rectifying the faults in the user journey, we help businesses experience improved user retention and loyalty.

Our Services

NPS Surveys

Our NPS Surveys mak it easier for enterprises to understand the level of customer satisfaction by asking customers one single question directly. NPS is a mathematical classification of the brand loyalty of a customer, which allows businesses to discover whether the customer is going to be a promoter or a detractor.

Net Promoter Score Improvement
The MK Approach


Key Driver Analytics

Key Driver Analytics help enterprises discover key metrics that are driving varied customer behavior like engagement, sales, and referral. With our epitome key driver analytics service, organizations can discover, analyze and, optimize their key drivers for maximum benefit.

User Journeys

Every user’s journey is influenced by several factors; organizations can impact these factors to improve user experience. Our team of experts relies on state-of-the-art technologies & analytics to discover factors that affect a user’s journey and strengthens them.

Mystery Shopping

A third eye view to ensure that organizations are working in compliance with the varied standards. The pseudo scrutiny can be used to evaluate user experience and the quality of services being delivered. Mystery Shopping is competent enough to expose loopholes and shortcomings, which requires immediate attention.

What makes us distinct?

  • Omni channel Support

    Helping companies with holistic technical support across multiple segments; such premium services influence customers and increase revenue. By integrating channels we are improving customer experiences.

  • Empowering Guide

    Help companies dictate the rules in customer experience by rendering optimum personalization to the individual customers. We help businesses to put pressure on pain points in interactions.

  • Right Message, Right Place, Every Time

    Map analytics to discover stages where the customer’s journey is falling and strengthen the existing processes. Rendering quality customer experience throughout the user journey is now possible.