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We bring decades of process improvement experience combined with analytics and outsourcing expertise.

The untamable growth of data requires businesses to put a system in place that analyses data and provides insights into customer behavior. With a system that can harvest structured and unstructured data equally to help businesses make more informed decisions, corporations will be commanding an unbeatable reputation.

Our Professional Services which includes Business Intelligence and Business Process Management is helping enterprises cater to the varied needs of the modern-day customer. At MattsenKumar we have also introduced Customer Experience Management and Call Center Benchmarking under our professional services that increase customer loyalty and retention by improving overall user-experience.

  • Business Process Management

    With the help of Business Process Management services, corporations can analyze, improvise, and make their business processes more efficient. By constantly improving business functionalities, we are helping organizations stay ahead of their competitors. Our Professional Services bring the varied departments of a business into sync.

  • Data Visualization

    Our data visualization services help businesses transform their humongous data into a pictorial representation that assists in efficient decision making. By creating an intuitive dashboard that includes graphs and charts, we are ushering enterprises into an era where finding faults, discovering opportunities, and predicting trends get easier.

  • Content Moderation Services

    Our Content Moderation Services helps organizations stay compliant with internal and external guidelines while publishing user-generated content. These services also help in managing your brand reputation while enhancing your user experience. Our hands-on approach will help you manage the enormous amount of content with ease.

  • Benchmarking Services

    Our benchmarking services are designed to help businesses compare their performance either with their competitors or industry standards. Our benchmarking services are making it easier for companies to discover areas that require improvement or a new approach. By comparing and improving on these metrics, enterprises can aim to become industry leaders.

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics

    The rapid growth of data requires an equally robust approach. With our Business Intelligence & Analytics services corporations can aim to harvest their data at a better pace. The harvested data helps in improving business processes and customer experience. Our team of Business Intelligence Experts and Analysts will help your corporation grow bigger by catering incomparable user experience.

  • Customer Experience Management

    We help organizations improve the experience of their customers by optimizing the existing business processes and applying business intelligence paradigms. Our team does a thorough analysis of customer feedback to help organizations improve their products. Working as a bridge between organizations and customers, we help organizations attain an impressive Net Promoter Score and boost customer loyalty.

Results you can measure.


Cost savings for clients via process improvement projects


Average increase in Net Promoter Score for clients


Improvement in customer satisfaction ratings (CSAT) for clients


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    We have worked with the Professional Services team of MK for redesigning our NPS process. Their insights helped us not only improve our processes but also prevent future challenges as well. Thanks to the team.

    Manager - Operations

    Manager - Operations

    Major Utilities Company in the US

    We have utilized data visualization capabilities of the team for multiple businesses and they always provided us with valuable insights from our complex data. Their methodologies and flexibility were commendable.

    Data Analytics Leader

    Data Analytics Leader

    Telecommunications Giant in the US

    MK has evolved as our reliable partner when it comes to benchmarking services and customer experience improvement projects. They have always delivered the best insights for us which were actionable. Thanks.

    Head - Customer Experience

    Head - Customer Experience

    Top Media Group in the US