bpo trends

Business Process Outsourcing- Global Trends Witnessed During COVID-19

The corona pandemic hit the BPO industry the hardest. Within a month, the industry was faced with wo...

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Business profit growth to success, profitable investment, profit increase, economic or market growth, finance rising up concept vector flat illustration template

E-commerce Pricing Factors and Strategies that Works the Best

A reputed news daily reports “Amazon sold more iPhone on the first day of Great Indian Festival than...

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e-commerce product enrichment

What is E-commerce Product Enrichment and How It Influences Revenue?

The E-commerce industry has introduced the global population to facilities like one-day delivery, ea...

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Clutch leader 2020

MattsenKumar Is A Clutch Leader 2020 In The Data Entry Companies Category

Our team over here at MattsenKumar LLC has some exciting news to announce to all our loyal customers...

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e-commerce catalog management

E-commerce Conversion Rates & Catalog Management- The Direct Correlation

A handbook to e-commerce success discusses building a robust online store, adding a product, running...

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Pandemic Learnings – Mike Mattsen Shares The Top 5 Lessons

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world as we know it. Masks, sanitizers, disinfectants are the ...

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BPOs help fight COVID

How Can BPOs help Organizations Prepare for Post COVID Era?

The sharp increase in cyberattack incidents, e-commerce stores see a spike in orders, and organizati...

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improve product discovery

6 Steps to Improve E-commerce Product Discovery 

Customers often start their online shopping journey with an idea and not a product. Customers rely o...

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E-commerce challenges due to COVID

Top COVID-19 Challenges for E-commerce Players And The Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused hospitality and retail industry irreparable harm but on the other h...

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CX Influencers 2020

Top 20 CX Influencers To Follow In 2020 – MattsenKumar Edition

2020 started as a normal year and continued that way up until March but since then, we all are facin...

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