Content Moderation Services

With the increased adoption of the mobile internet and smartphones, we have been experiencing a surge in online content created by users. While this has led to an increase in the number of creators and consumption, the responsibility of moderating the content has been on the platforms and organizations. The plethora of user-generated content has evolved into one of the major focus areas of social media, content, and e-commerce organizations.

Since content on the platforms and user-generated content like videos, reviews, etc. has an impact on user/customer experience, it is vital to moderate the same. As statistics point out that around 95% of customers read reviews before completing a purchase, it is important to ensure the reviews on your platform are real ones. So content moderation has evolved into a focus area for organizations who want to deliver the best experience to their customers.

Content Moderation Services at MK

Our team at MattsenKumar has specialized in both proactive and reactive content moderation models. Our content moderation specialists work with e-commerce organizations to ensure their product content adheres to the agreed guidelines and also help them monitor user-generated content like reviews, videos, and more. They also work with content-based social networking platforms and help with moderating inappropriate content like fake news, hate speech, adult content, and violent comments, etc.

The primary objectives served by our content moderation services are:

  • Best user/customer experience for our clients
  • Enhancing the brand image for our clients
  • Improved conversions and revenue for our clients

Target Audience

  • Social Media Platforms

  • E-Commerce Organizations

  • Content Platforms

  • Social Networking Apps

Our Services

Text Moderation

Moderation and monitoring services for textual content like comments, posts, reviews, product descriptions, feedbacks, etc. Ideal for organizations who want to deliver the best content to their audience. Content devoid of errors and malice ensures healthy consumption by the users. This helps the organizations enhance their user experience and achieve their key results like views, sales, engagement, and more.

Use Cases

  • Product Descriptions Moderation for
    E-commerce Companies
    – To ensure the descriptions match the established guidelines
  • Review Moderation for E-commerce Platforms – To eliminate irrelevant reviews and approve the appropriate ones
  • Comment Moderation for Forums and Platforms – To get rid of malicious comments from user forums and communities

Image Moderation

Images and other forms of graphical content are common ingredients on social media and e-commerce platforms now. Be it product videos or images or gifs or photos or selfies, graphical content contributes to a major portion of the content on these platforms. Moderation of the graphical content ensures only the appropriate ones go live and be available for the users to view. This helps in the improvement of adoption of these platforms and achievement of business goals like revenues.

Use Cases

  • Product Images Moderation for E-commerce Players – To ensure the image specifications match with the accepted guidelines
  • User-Generated Images Moderation for E-commerce Platforms – To eliminate inappropriate images in reviews and feedbacks
  • Image Moderation for Social Media Platforms – To get rid of offensive and malicious images on the platform

Audio & Video Moderation

With the advent of the mobile internet, every smartphone user can upload video and audio content using their mobile devices. As TechCrunch reports, Facebook has over 8 billion video views per day, one can fathom the massive amount of content being uploaded daily. Every platform that allows its users to upload audio and video content has to stay on top of the content uploaded to ensure a superior user experience. Moderation services ensure that every audio and video content made available to the users are appropriate and platform-friendly.

Use Cases

  • Video Content Moderation for Social Media Networks – To eliminate inappropriate, vulgar, and violent content from the platform
  • Audio Content Moderation for Social Media Platforms – To get rid of unethical, banned, and illegal content from the network
  • Video Review Moderation for E-commerce Companies – To ensure the video reviews are genuine and authentic on products
  • Video Content Moderation for E-commerce Platforms – To adhere to the video guidelines set for the e-commerce platform

Social Media Moderation

Social media moderation helps organizations monitor their social media activity, monitor the brand mentions, and gauge the customer sentiment towards them. Our team works with brands who want help with monitoring their social media conversations including Facebook comments, tweets, direct messages, etc. This helps them to keep track of the customer sentiment and prepare their communication strategies accordingly.

Use Cases

  • Facebook Comments Moderation – To keep your Facebook page clean and troll-free
  • Twitter Moderation – To eliminate inappropriate tweets, counter them, and monitor DMs
  • YouTube Comment Moderation – To maintain a professional YouTube channel with risk-free content for your community
  • Other Social Media Networks – To build safe communities on all relevant social channels of today

Why Team MK?

  • Better Business Results

    Our team coupled with the latest technologies will help you achieve your business goals with ease.

  • 24/7 Monitoring for Brand Reputation

    Our team can provide round-the-clock monitoring to help you maintain your brand reputation.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

    Our services are designed to help you achieve your goals from a cost and efficiency perspective.

  • Flexible Pricing

    We believe in flexible pricing to accommodate your business needs and requirements.