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Innovation is the Backbone of Everything we do at MattsenKumar

We strive to push boundaries in Innovation. We really do.

At MattsenKumar, we have always been a proponent of innovation which helps us bring excellent results for our clients. Our technology team has developed more than 200+ innovative solutions for our clients in past 2 decades helping them save costs, boost productivity and achieve their ideal business outcomes.

Check out some of the tools developed by our technology team at MattsenKumar.

  • We have developed a suite of products for advanced speech analytics and benchmarking using Speech to Text technology named MK SmartSpeech. Perfect for call center performance improvement and benchmarking.

    Try SmartSpeech

  • Another product which we have developed is a Social Media Management and Analytics suite of products named Kalbos. This tool help brands with social media management, community management and more.

    Check Kalbos

  • Our team of developers, analysts and data scientists can help you tackle any business challenge your organization faces with the help of technology.

Results you can measure.


Cost savings for our clients using MK Smartspeech


Tools developed by MK Innovation Team


Hours of call processed by speech analytics tool


Enhancement of Customer Experience For A Leading Global Restaurant Chain IndianAccent_CaseStudy

Enhancement of Customer Experience For A Leading Global Restaurant Chain

Inspired Growth of Customer Experience & Agent-Related Metrics Customer Profile The client is a luxury ­fine dining
Generating Better and Faster Sales Results in less than 90 Days Generating-Better-and-Faster-Sales-Results-in-Less-Than-90-Days

Generating Better and Faster Sales Results in less than 90 Days

Our team helped a major US based integrated direct-to-consumer retailer and product development company boost their conv

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MattsenKumar made speech analytics deployment a breeze and we started seeing results in one week flat

VP - Customer Experience

VP - Customer Experience

One of the largest Technology Company

We did four different projects with Speech Analytics across different areas of application. The results in all areas were very promising and we are already in the process of making some significant changes

VP – Customer Experience

VP – Customer Experience

Leading Telecom Company

We have been real pleased with the Non Talk Time Analysis.  Good job.  Keep it up.  Love it.

VP - Contact Center Operations

VP - Contact Center Operations

Leading Insurance Company

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