Email & Chat Support

While 54% of consumers still rely on email for resolutions the rest expect businesses to resolve their issues within an hour. Handling emails consume a huge percentage of your employee’s valuable time.

Availing a real-time inbound email support service allows corporations to handle all customer queries and concerns efficiently. Such email support services deliver a quality resolution experience and increase customer retention.

Outsourced email support services keep the agents readily available at the customer’s disposal, hence, improving the website’s overall bounce rate. This feature engages the customers at the personal level, thus, leading to a higher probability of improved retention and loyalty.

Skilled staff with a clear understanding of the ways to fulfill customers’ demands and expectations is an essential element to execute your back office operations successfully.

At MattsenKumar, we are constantly trying new technology and paradigms to offer the best possible back-office support services to our global clients. For a very effective price, we offer inbound email support services that impact metrics like NPS and CSAT positively.

Our Inbound Email Support Services Include Offerings like

Customer Care

Let us handle all your incoming customer queries and requests. With our pool of talented customer service agents, we cater with the best possible response helping you improve the overall customer experience.

Technical Support

Too many complaints coming in? We can offer quality support to all incoming requests through self-help literature and trouble-shooting guidance through the email support service.

Price Quote

Let us help you identify the right business partner and share price quotes with them while you carry on other crucial business development tasks. Our email support services can respond to multiple price quote requests simultaneously.

Customized Solutions

Our vast and diverse experience in offering back-office operation support services have helped us develop methodologies for handling unique challenges with our custom solutions. We are here to take on your business-specific challenge with our customizable and scalable solutions.

Benefits of Inbound Email Support Services

  • Live Support 24/7/365

    Inbound email support services ensure that customer queries are being handled round the clock. Organizations can focus on other collaborative tasks while email support ensures quality customer satisfaction.

  • Highly Cost Effective

    With a pool of email support employees, businesses can cater to thousands of customer queries in a day. Outsourcing email support helps the organization save heavily on establishing an in-house team and training them.

  • Incomparable Accountability

    Unlike telecallers where accountability gets lost between call transfers, an email is a tool where accountability can be established properly. Email support services ensure that no customer is missed at all.

Why Choose MK’s Inbound Email Support Services?

  • Modern Infrastructure

    With over 2000 employees, we are now a family of global organizations under one roof. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is backed by a robust IT system that ensures effective service deployment.

  • Unmatchable Reputation

    Over the years, we have collaborated with global organizations and have offered quality back office process outsourcing services. Our services are designed to weed out the challenge by deploying quality resources.

  • Problem Solving Approach

    We at MK look at challenges as opportunities, our robust infrastructure, and incomparable IT network supports us in devising new solutions for the most bizarre challenges.