We provide best in class infrastructure, highly skilled talent and excellent processes customized for your contact center to enhanced performance.

We provide you with skilled teams to handle your back office support operations – be it email, chat or even transactions

We support e-commerce businesses by adding value to their processes via seller support, catalogue management and other

We leverage data to identify the challenges in your processes, derive insights to improve them and implement changes for the achievement of business goals.

Leveraging our decades of experience to help organizations enhance their service quality, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

We believe in pushing boundaries when it comes to innovation and developing technology solutions which will help you improve your business outcomes.

We deliver results that matter.

As a business process outsourcing organization, we rely on our decades of experience and deep expertise to deliver impactful results for our clients. We design, implement and improve processes for our clients with a strong focus on analytics. Be it BPO, Speech Analytics or Consulting, our team can be your extended workforce helping you grow and achieve your business goals.






Fortune 500 Clients

The MK Approach

  • 1. Assess

    This is the starting point of every project at MK where we try to understand the client’s existing processes and challenges they are facing.

  • 2. Initiate

    This phase helps us define the project scope, set goals for the implementation and plan the resource involvement and delegation.

  • 3. Plan

    This is the stage where the project plan is prepared and approved with a focus on risk identification, setting up of communication methods etc.

  • 4. Implement

    This is the phase where
    pre-live testing happens and is characterized by rigorous monitoring/tracking of progress for timeline deviations.

  • 5. Execute

    In this phase, the real action happens and goal evaluations are carried out. The team also identifies opportunities for improvement and plans for next.