Empowered Employees: The Secret Sauce to Customer Satisfaction in 2019


Customer Satisfaction

Attaining maximum customer satisfaction has always been the key focus of every contact center. For years, they have been running around the bush to attain this goal but all such initiatives failed to yield the desired results. However, in 2019, it is expected that things will start to change for the better and companies will start to pre-define their plan of action. The action plan would be designed considering the common factors that affect the customer directly, be it optimizing service quality, delivering better products or attaining better First Call Resolution score. But, most importantly, what they should not miss focusing on is their employees’ satisfaction level.

The year 2019 is sure to ignite new hopes and spirit in the contact center employees as well as the employers. While it is true that the customers stay at the heart of every contact center, the role played by the employees cannot be undermined. No doubt, the employees at every organization are given a set target to attain, but it is barely ever that they are also told the tactics that would help them attain the goal. And, this is where the real trouble lies.

Defining target for the employees does not end the employer’s role. Their role to keep inspiring their employees and empower them in the ways that motivate them to work towards the contact center’s growth and success remains constant. And that’s where the secret to improve the contact center’s customer satisfaction score (CSAT) stays – empowering employees.

Wondering how this can be done? Read on to know some of the simple ways that may help you to attain your goal in 2019:

1. Be Clear & Specific About CX Vision

For the employees to deliver a better customer experience, it is important to be aware and informed about the contact center’s CX or customer experience vision. The contact centers must understand that their employees cannot read between the lines and therefore, it is their responsibility to be clear and specific about their CX vision with their employees.

Helping their employees know and understand this aspect of the contact center would assist the employers to uplift their employees’ spirit in 2019. Being valued for their contribution to the contact center’s growth and success would inspire them to continue delivering their best as the contact center’s loyal employees.

2. Make Them Feel Like A Customer

Being clear about the CX goal is not enough to attain maximum CSAT score in 2019. It is also important for the employees to follow a customer-centric approach so that they may focus entirely on improving customer experience and hence, attaining maximum customer satisfaction. Help them understand how their customers feel, their expectations and requirements so that it gets easier for them to deliver what is expected from them.

Attending sessions that make them step into the customer’s foot is another important tactic to help them identify and realize their customers’ expectations. Doing so would not only enable employees to understand their target but also deliver a customized experience for the customers.

3. Offer Them Incentives

Making the employees responsible for the actions that directly or indirectly affect the customers can be a great tactic to improve your CX score. This can be done by directly offering incentives to the employees in some form or the other. Giving them a chance to learn a new skill, undergo the latest training program, helping them build confidence or even monetary benefits can serve as a great tactic.

Being rewarded and recognized for the exemplary efforts put in by the employees can work wonders to keep them motivated as well as inspire them to continue delivering their best.

4. Decision-Making Authority with Accountability

Giving your employees the authority to take important decisions and trusting them for the same is an important step to attain maximum CSAT score. Believing that your employees care for your customers just like you do is important. But, this should never come without accountability. Empower your employees but also hold them responsible for everything they do that affects your business, directly or indirectly.

Doing so would not only end the need of micro-managing the employees but also enable them to deliver better productivity at work and improve customer retention.

5. Offer Them The Liberty To Be Creative

One must understand that instructing them for their roles is not going to serve the purpose and would instead create in delivering better performance. To improve employees’ productivity and performance, it is important to offer them the freedom to be creative a hurdle.

Offering your employees a chance to be creative in everything they do to deliver better customer experience will not only foster creativity but also give employees a chance to utilize their creative skills to handle the customers better. Any improvement in customer satisfaction score will directly affect their loyalty towards your brand and in turn, customer retention.

Motivating Employees to Deliver Seamless Customer Experience in 2019

With technology, it has undoubtedly become easier to deliver a customized and improved customer experience. But, the role of delivering personalized customer service cannot be overpowered. Therefore, it is important to empower your employees by offering them the liberty to customize the services offered by your contact center to meet the customer needs.

As we are about to enter the year 2019, you must remember that a customer might ignore the glitches while using a product or service but he/she never forgets a bad customer experience. Therefore, always stay focused on delivering a flawless customer satisfaction and experience as doing so is the key to win customer loyalty and improved retention score in 2019 and for many years to come.

Customer Satisfaction

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