Our Mission is to provide innovative, specialized technologies that ensure our clients receive the maximum return on investment.

Our Mission

When Founders Mike Mattsen and Aarati Kumar decided to form MattsenKumar back in 2010, their primary objective was to build upon over a decade of launching and succeeding in global offshore call center initiatives to create the most effective, service centric offshore multi-spectrum BPO for large, medium and startup organizations.

In fact, by leveraging a vastly experienced team, best of industry operating practices, and the learnings and experience they gained while growing a previous BPO from scratch to several thousand FTE in two years, MK is succeeding and growing.  More importantly, their mission has evolved.  Clients require constant innovation to complement evolving technology for maximum benefit, and MK not only provides the best of breed services, but also provides innovative, specialized technologies that ensure clients receive maximum return on investment.

Core Values

Be Bold.

Bold means questioning what is, and determining what could be.

MK culture questions the status quo constantly, to identify potential possibilities to improve and grow.  Employee led committees drive many of the operations that impact daily life within the organization—it’s been that way since the beginning and has resulted in a “why not?” approach to constant improvement. And this approach isn’t only internal—in fact, MK clients appreciate and value our continual effort to raise the bar through tangible, measurable production efficiencies and value add business insights that constantly fill clients with knowledge they value. Being bold are more than just words within MattsenKumar, it’s a core value that impacts our daily service delivery.

Be Transparent. 

Two words are understood by every supervisory team member within MK: “No Surprises.”

That means when there is an operational performance hiccup, the client knows about it FROM us BEFORE they review an impersonal report.  More importantly, the client also learns the remedy — MK is on it.  This transparency is drilled into every team member, and it applies to all facets of work life, too.  We are constantly leveraging a culture of “data” along with methods that have us examine where we are versus where we should be, versus where we WANT TO BE (raising the bar constantly), and through a variety of techniques (Client Temperature Assessments, Employee Satisfaction Surveys, etc), we ensure we know where we stand, and we share it with all stakeholders—internal and external.  Our TANIAP™ (Turn A Negative Into A Positive) approach to addressing performance gaps is a differentiator that all clients value.

Be More. 

We recruit, hire and cultivate a diverse, creative workforce of hard chargers.

All are encouraged to “think out of the box” and to become engaged with the various employees’ committees and to participate in as many as their interests allow.  Long before there were charitable requirements for Indian BPO’s, MK’s employee led Sparsh Committee was donating time and raising money for charities throughout the NCR.  MK sponsored intermural sporting events are legendary for how many team members give up their off days to be a part of the teams or even just the cheering audience.  “Work Hard, Play Hard” are more than just words, for our team members, they are a call to action.

MattsenKumar  Be Bold, Be Transparent.  Be More.