MattsenKumar LLC in Association With DfG, Hosted a Seminar to Spread Awareness About Menstrual Care, Coverage by Haryana Mail


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Gurgaon, September 28, 2018: As MattsenKumar LLC (MK) approached the closing of its Month of Awesomeness (MOA) celebrations, the team planned an intellectual seminar with the prestigious “Days for Girls” (DfG), an International award-winning non-profit organization, on September 28th’2018 at its Gurugram, Haryana premises.

The three-hour long seminar had Celeste Mergens, Founder & CEO of DfG as its chief guest who was accompanied by her team members Laurie A. Baum, Stephanie Schmid, Morgan Sessions, and Sondra Hudgens. A few other guest representatives from various other NGOs also joined the seminar.

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