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Gurugram, Haryana, September 25, 2018: As a part of its “Month of Awesomeness” (MOA) celebrations this September, MattsenKumar LLC announced the launch of its new tagline – “Be Bold. Be Transparent. Be More.” Floated in conjunction with the company’s core values, Mike Mattsen and Aarati Kumar, the company’s CEO, COO, and co-founders, released the tagline on September 21st’2018 at its Gurugram, Haryana location.

We are unveiling a new tagline for MattsenKumar that we feel encompasses our values as an organization,” said Mike and Aarati.

The Month of Awesomeness marks the celebration of ‘You’ or the company’s staff as the co-founders believe that it is the hard work and dedication of their diverse teams that bring success to the organization and help them exceed their clients’ expectations.

With Each Phrase, MK Reveals a Distinct Identity

As a part of its new tagline, “Be Bold” implies “questioning what is, and determining what could be.” The phrase lays emphasis on the MK’s continual focus on identifying all potential possibilities to grow and exceed the client’s expectations. It is also a reflection of strong, independent and passionate individuals that are a part of MK’s different teams.

“As a company, we are constantly working to leverage innovation and technology for maximum benefit. Automating tools for clients can sometimes even mean less revenue or headcount for us, yet if it’s the right and best solution, our clients are again reminded that we are not the typical outsourcer – we are a partner who collaborates to ensure the best work output.”

The second part of the tagline, “Be Transparent,” reveals the MK’s theory of maintaining an open and constructive communication with its clients as well as the customers. “We tell them not only the issue—but most importantly, how we are taking action to fix any gaps,” said Mike and Aarati when unveiling the second phrase of the tagline.

The ideology of being transparent sets them apart from many other BPO’s in the market. With a firm belief in the idea of ‘no surprises,’ the professionals at MK follow the TANIAP process implying ‘Turn A Negative Into A Positive.’ This process helps them ensure that the best quality standards are maintained in all the services delivered to the clients.

“Be More,” the final part of the tagline, signifies the ways in which the employees at MK are encouraged to think out-of-the-box and be as engaged as they can be. “Our goal is to create a work environment where ideas flow freely and there is no such thing as a “dumb” question.”

Focusing on maintaining a perfect balance between work and fun, the employees at MK are also encouraged to be a part of various in-house committees formed by its people serving different interests of its employees, be it food, art & culture, sports, or social work.

About MattsenKumar

Founded in 2005, MattsenKumar holds an immense experience of over 13 years in providing third-party quality monitoring solutions through its exclusive partnership with HyperQuality (an Avaya company now). We are the experts in providing a wide array of contact center management, back-office operations, analytics services, and technology products to its clients at par to the requisite quality standards.

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