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Many times, we, as the people’s manager, receive a message on the importance of appreciating the employees. Undoubtedly, appreciating your employees on a regular basis is one of the important keys to success. But, it is vital to understand that focusing only on employees’ appreciation is not enough.

Having a workforce that takes pride in its organization and the work that they do is certainly the dream of many managers. And we, at MattsenKumar, are lucky to have an abundance of such resources.

Focusing all our energy and brain on executing our everyday tasks tends to become boring after a certain period of time. Therefore, in order to keep the workplace lively and engaging, we, as an organization, emphasize on creating a workplace culture that offers a mix of both work and fun. Truly, a perfect blend of knowledge, creativity and fun is what has helped us to retain employees for so many years.

MK Committees – Of its People, by its People, for its People

Striving hard to be the people’s organization, we, at MK, have created five different committees – MK Sparsh, MK Laurels, MK Munchers, MK Creative Energy, and MK Superstars, for our employees seated in multiple locations. With each of these committees designed to serve a specific purpose, their collective idea is to keep the employees at MK engaged and entertained while keeping them motivated to continue delivering their best at work.

• MK Sparsh inspires employees to join their hands for social causes and make this world a better place to live. Blood donation camps and tree plantation are a few activities that are organized regularly by them within and outside the office premises.

• MK Laurels keeps the sportsmanship alive in the company’s employees by organizing various indoor and outdoor games such as cricket, soccer, and basketball every Friday.

• MK Munchers ensures that employees continue to savor a humongous variety of tempting and mouth-watering delicacies within the office premises at reasonable prices.

• MK Creative Energy focuses on making MK a fun place to work by organizing activities like games, themed events, physical activities and jokes from time-to-time.

• MK Superstars is a group of voluntary employees that are committed to explore hidden talent within MK that can be showcased in companywide events through fun and engaging forums.

Work and Fun Go Hand-in-Hand at MK

Backed by a team of dedicated professionals who hold expertise in varied industries, we ensure the delivery of optimal quality outputs to our clients. But, we make sure that MK does not become just a revenue-focused company. Hence, we do not compromise fun and amusement at the workplace for any reason because an old proverb rightly reads, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”


From organizing weekly/monthly/quarterly engagement activities, we offer each of our employees a chance to unleash their hidden talent, be it music, dance or creativity. But, our focus has never been only on the art, dance and music lovers. We prefer to maintain an equilibrium between creativity, work, and games so that none of these suppresses another.

Floor walk and feedback sessions that are conducted regularly by the HR team members are some other techniques adopted by us. Apart from these, regular training sessions are also conducted by our industry experts so that the employees at MK continue expanding their knowledge and excellence in the industry.

Employees’ Appreciation is a Non-stop Game

Amid this task of keeping our employees motivated in unique and different ways, we do not forget the significance of appreciating them from time-to-time. To make this process streamlined, we plan an annual “Rewards & Recognition” event during which the best talent pool employed at our organization is rewarded for their unfailing support and unstoppable efforts.

Above all, we always stay prepared to listen to the concerns and worries of our employees. We focus on engaging them in the right manner and so, have been able to reach a position where everyone is cared for what they do. In simple words, employee engagement is the key to keep them happy and building a workplace that is free of fear and stress.

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