10 Reasons That Explain Why Investing in Contact Center is Good for Start-Ups

MK Insights start-up business

Eliza is the owner of a newly-established start-up that has been doing well in the market so far. The start-up has been able to attain approximately 4...

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Call Center Quality Monitoring: 10 Tips To Up The Game for SaaS Companies

MK Insights Quality Monitoring

Like every SaaS company that is passionate about keeping its customers happy, Smith has always stayed on toes to provide the best products to his cust...

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Contact Center Agents Performance: This Is How You Can Help Them Improve

MK Insights Contact Center Agents

Joey has been working as a contact center executive for over a year now. A keen learner with a quest for details, Joey has been successfully meeting h...

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Mystery Shopping for BFSI: Your Own Supervisory Tool

MK Insights Mystery Shopping for BFSI

With the changing trends and the emerging needs of improved customer experience, it has become crucial for the brands to lay an increased focus on des...

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10 Best Practices To Follow And Know More With Mystery Shopping

MK Insights mystery shopping program

Every business wants to be its customers’ preferred choice. Be it in terms of customer service, products offered or any other, companies these days wa...

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10 Effective Ways to Deliver Top-Notch CX Every Time

MK Insights Customer Experince

When a customer is asked about the best customer experience he/she ever had in his/her life, it would hardly take him/her a few seconds to smile and b...

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10 Customer Delight Ideas For eCommerce Industry You Must Try in 2019

MK Insights customer delight

Ecommerce is a type of business model in which a seller tries to sell his/her goods and services in an online market space. The opportunities in this ...

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Mystery Shopping 101 – The Secret Weapon In Your CX Assessment Arsenal

MK Insights mystery shopping tips

You always attempt to deliver the best-in-class services to attain maximum customer satisfaction and loyalty towards your brand. But there are times w...

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10 Critical Factors That May Impact Your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

MK Insights Net Promoter Score

A number of measures have been taken by several companies to improve their Net Promoter Score (NPS). Some of these include paying close attention to t...

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