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5 Tips To Optimize Live Chat To Deliver Better Customer Experience

MK Insights Live Chat

With a large number of contact centers having adopted an omni-channel approach, there is no doubt that the customers now have several modes of communi...

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Follow These 5 Tips To Improve Your Contact Center’s FCR Score

MK Insights

A contact center’s efficiency is determined on the basis of a number of factors such as agents’ performance, productivity, and how well they are able ...

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5 Customer Experience Trends To Follow in 2019

MK Insights customer-experience-trends

Customer experience (CX) has always been the key focus of every contact center. Whether it is about earning a good market reputation or resolving cust...

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Empowered Employees: The Secret Sauce to Customer Satisfaction in 2019

MK Insights Customer Satisfaction

Attaining maximum customer satisfaction has always been the key focus of every contact center. For years, they have been running around the bush to at...

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5 Tips To Simplify Online Retail Catalogue Management For Retailers

MK Insights product catalogue management

Online selling and marketing of products is a real tough task. With numerous other retailers offering a similar product range at competitive prices, t...

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NPS Score: A Key Metric to Measure Your Customer Experience

MK Insights NPS Score

When a person has to buy a new phone, what he/she does is checks its reviews and feedbacks on the internet or ask his/her friends at a personal level....

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5 Tips To Reduce Dead Air Space While Offering Customer Support

MK Insights Dead Air Space

You have been calling the customer care center for the last 10 days to get your one query resolved. But, every time you call, your call gets connected...

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Outbound is Your Virtual Sales Team. Know How To Make The Best From It

MK Insights outbound contact center

You have an awesome product range but are unable to market it as you would like to due to reasons like limited resources, incapable manpower, and inef...

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5 Tips to Improve Your First Call Resolution [FCR] Score

MK Insights

When a customer calls a contact center, he/she expects the agents to resolve his/her query at the same time. Aware of his/her worth, a valuable custom...

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