7 Traits to Look For When Hiring Customer Service Agents


Customer service agents are the voice of every organization. No matter how great your product is, the quality of service offered by your customer service agents can either break or make your business. Therefore, having a well-trained staff to offer the best service to your customers is important to help your organization attain the success it dreams of.

According to a report released by Accenture in 2017, 33 percent of the consumers who abandoned a business relationship in 2016 did so due to lack of personalization.

While there are people who are blessed with the traits that make them the right fit for the job, there are others who are unable to meet any such requirements. Therefore, it is important to scrutinize every candidate thoroughly before hiring them on the job so that he/she turns out to be the best choice and a valuable asset to your organization in a long run.

Below are some of the common traits that are a must-have for every individual who aspires to be a customer service agent:

1. Positive Disposition

At times, a customer service agent’s job can be monotonous. He/she may need to answer 100 calls in a day with the same question every time, his/her phone line might keep ringing with one irate customer after another and so on. Such and many other similar situations can be easy to handle at times but might get frustrating on others.

Since answering such calls is a part of their job, it is important to look for people who have the requisite level of cool and patience. Staying prepared to attend such calls with a positive attitude and ensuring that the customer has a wow experience make one a perfect fit for the job.

2. Adaptability

Flexibility and adaptability are the two key elements for the success of any customer service agent. This is owing to the customers’ ever-changing and ever-growing demands. A single call from the customer may require an agent to handle multiple requests, welcome their suggestions, and also deal with their mood swings.

It is, therefore, important for a customer service agent to possess an ability to multitask, be willing to take on new responsibilities and stay comfortable to work under tight deadlines. Having these traits are sure to make any person a perfect fit for the responsibility that comes with the job.

3. Quick and Knowledgeable

Customers, these days, are impatient and also possess a clear understanding and knowledge about the subject they are talking about. To handle such customers, it is important for the customer service agent to be quick and smart.

With an ability to resolve a customer’s query quickly, it is important for the customer service agent to possess broad knowledge and understanding of the related topic. This is because lack of knowledge in any form is sure to upset the customers and unsatisfied with your services.

In case, the customer service agent does not have any understanding of the customer’s point of concern, it is best for him/her to redirect the call to an expert. The expert with a clear understanding of the subject matter can quickly resolve the query and keep the customer satisfied.

4. Attention to Detail

Any individual who calls a customer care center wants to speak to a well-informed customer service agent. This is because he/she wants to get his/her query resolved at the soonest possible.

It is important to remember that resolving a customer’s query is not solely dependent on an agent’s knowledge and awareness. It also requires him/her to pay attention to all the details shared by the caller and not mix the details provided by him/her with another. This will help in ensuring that the right solution is offered to the concerned person in its need.

5. Organizational Skills

Offering the best customer support is not only about resolving the customer queries. It also involves maintaining a proper documentation of all the callers.

Keeping an accurate track record of all these calls provides an easy access to all the inquiries resolved by every agent at work. This, in turn, helps in resolving any future calls that may need help for the similar concern. Being quick in resolving the customer’s queries, in turn, proves beneficial in improving the FCR rate of the call center.

6. Passion

Dealing with a customer’s query is not an easy battle. The trouble tends to double when the caller is impatient or loses his/her cool easily. Therefore, having the zeal to offer the best customer service proves beneficial as this adds emotions to any conversation held between an agent and the caller.

Identifying this trait is not hard. Any person who acts pleasingly in every situation and also looks directly into the eyes of another person with a smile during a conversation is the perfect fit.

7. Dedication and Understanding

A person who is dedicated towards his/her job is sure to help the company win more customers and improve customer retention rate. This is because being dedicated inspires them to gain an in-depth understanding of the company’s products, thereby, enabling the delivery of better customer service.

This, in turn, also gives a surety that all your customer queries are resolved in the best possible manner as well as help you gain an improved customer loyalty.

Finding the right candidate

It is very rare to find any individual who possesses all these traits. But a combination of four or more of these qualities is not hard to find. And when there’s someone who possesses them, it is likely that he/she would become the star performer and future leader. Therefore, it is recommended to always look for people who possess some or all of these traits and they are sure to add value in the long run.




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