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In this fast-evolving corporate world, training and skills development has become an indispensable step to craft an organization’s success story. From aiding the development of new skills in the employees, providing the best form of training is also essential to expand their knowledge base, help them gain a better understanding about the subject matter as well as enable a smooth execution of the organizational processes.

“If your employees are not learning, you are not growing.”

Undoubtedly, many companies understand the role of training to boost employees’ performance. But, there are still many that consider training as the least important. It is, therefore, important to make these companies realize the enormous value hidden in organizing such training sessions and help them attain an improved employees’ performance, boost in their morale & satisfaction, development of innovative products & services, planning of new strategies and reduced churn rate.

We, at MK, understand the significance of these training sessions. Therefore to create awareness and promote the learning centric culture at MK, we launched our own EPIC Learning Program in July 2018. EPIC (Experience, Process, Integrate & Commit) is MK’s in-house training program that aims to motivate employees to ‘experience’ the learning, ‘process’ the knowledge gained, ‘integrate’ the learning and ‘commit’ to implement learning.

Cross-Domain Training is Helping Enrich Employees’ Skills Set

Over the past few months, the EPIC training program has successfully delivered around 257 training sessions, six special workshops that saw the participation of approximately 76 percent of employees. With 24 distinct training modules created, we have held a mix of process-specific and personality development training programs.

A few of these included Individual Competency Development (Habits Of Highly Effective People, Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills, Personality Development, Personal Branding); Organization Level – Blanket Training (POSH ver2.0, ENEO ver2.0, #ungender); Domain Orientation & Upskilling (iWRITE, iCONNECT, PASSION); and Career Enhancement & Developmental (MS Excel, Six Sigma, Conference Call Etiquette, Leadership 101).

The training programs organized so far completely support MK’s culture of promoting in-house talent and grooming employees in a way that enables them to perform at the next level. A few of our notable achievements of conducting these employee-centric training sessions include training survey, EPIC programs, contemporary methodology, internal resource mobilization, and top gun training.

We, at MK, believe in taking our employees’ skills to the next level and hence, inspire them to attend cross-domain training sessions. Doing so not only enables them to gain a better understanding of an entirely different process but also helps them in developing into a multi-talented professional altogether.

Blended Training Strengthens Training Culture

A total of 674 staff-hours have been spent so far on research & instructional designing, session delivery and data management of the training sessions. But, what has dramatically strengthened the training culture at MK is blended training. The beauty of this approach lies in the fact that employees can attend process training and skills development training simultaneously. This transforms them into a fully-competent employee who possesses the desired skills set and an ability to deliver an improved and positive customer experience.

Experiential Learning Has Taken The Lead

A lot of learning and development trends have taken over the e-learning sphere such as self-paced online training, gamification, responsive design, virtual and augmented reality, etc. One of the latest training trends that have taken over the market is experiential learning. Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience. The process focuses on the individual learning process and is concerned with more concrete issues related to learner and learning context. It also helps in establishing a lasting behavioral change that, in turn, enables the development of new skills. MK’s corporate training team has elegantly adopted this practice, hence, turning training sessions into a fun-learning space.

While imparting such learning, it is vital to ensure that the process abides by the adult learning principles. These learning principles are based on the fact that the learning process of both the children and the adults are different. For instance, children are more receptive than adults; children are ready to learn more in comparison to adults who don’t like being told or instructed for something, etc. Some of the standard adult learning principles are adults practical, they are goal-oriented, they are self-paced and self-motivated, they are self-directed, and also learn by doing.

But, one must remember that the process of adult learning does not always run smoothly. There are many barriers to it such as balancing the process of learning and fulfilling responsibilities, feeling like an insignificant contributor and fear of failure. Therefore, it is vital to instill positivity and motivation in your employees so that they stay with your organization for long and work towards improving their skills.

Convenience is The Key Player

While we focused on building a learning culture at MK in 2018, the vision for 2019 is dedicated to make this learning program a notable differentiator that continues to contribute towards our culture. To improve our training programs, we plan to begin using the latest and advanced technology tools like webinars and Learning Management System (LMS) to promote self-learning and employ techniques like gamification, practice testing, and distributed practice.

Today, the corporates have shifted to a culture of lifelong learning. Conducting in-house training programs has become even more advantageous as employees get an opportunity to expand their knowledge while sitting in the office. Therefore, it is essential for the corporates to understand that offering convenience to their employees can be a complete game-changer. The emphases should be on delivering the requisite training sessions but keeping their convenience and comfort as the utmost priority.

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