Top 10 Customer Experience Trends To Watch Out For In 2021


Customer Experience trends 2021

The IT Veteran and once the richest man on the planet, Bill Gates says “your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”. Another stalwart, Jeff Bezos refers to customer experience as a part of the product design. The richest men on the planet, who grew their business from scratch to trillion dollars with customer-centric products & services are perhaps the best people to learn CX from.

Now that it is a fact that customer experience is the key to building successful businesses and brand loyalty, we must keep an eye on the changing faces of customer experience. With e-commerce players leading the changing face of customer experience, the old tricks are no more impactful. Some of the most successful CX weapons have lost their luster and now it is time to look for new laser-targeted weapons to achieve goals.

Insightful Customer Experience Statistics

These statistics gather and represent the essence of customer experience and how it is a non-negotiable for users.

  • 45.9% of users are likely to prefer brands that offer a better experience while 20.5% will go with better pricing.
  • In 2020, 86% of participants from a study agreed to pay more for a better customer experience.
  • 42% of businesses are investing in CX to improve cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.
  • 88% of organizations are prioritizing CX at their contact centers.
  • Omnichannel expenditure has increased by 25% in the last decade to ensure a quality experience

Top Customer Experience Trends 2021 to Focus On

In 2021, enterprises will be aiming to achieve, what they planned to achieve in 2020 along with revised goals for 2021. To attain break-through achievement and record sales, organizations will have to go to a new extent to impress and retain users. Pricing and product will continue to matter but CX will be the key differentiator. The immaculate experience will separate quality companies from the crowd.

Every key stakeholder should keep these 2021 customer experience trends in mind when creating products or revamping their customer journey.

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1. COVID-19 Impact will drive Innovations

Earlier, organizations were in a fix of offering the best experience today, they are fighting to offer the best experience while maintaining social distance. The hospitality ind