Top 12 Customer Experience (CX) Blogs To Follow in 2019


top CX blogs to follow in 2019

The term customer experience or CX is emerging as one of the key differentiators to drive growth and revenue for an organization. But, there have been a lot of misperceptions about what it actually implies and how it impacts business.

Commonly defined as the way in which a brand is perceived, customer experience is all about your brand’s perception in your customer’s mind. There can be a number of factors that may impact a brand’s reputation and the quality of services delivered to a customer. Some of these include personalization, online presence, product range and others.

But, it is important to remember that the role played by each of these factors keeps on changing. Therefore, it is important for you to evolve with the changing customer experience trends and stay ahead of your competitors who keep a close tab on these ever-evolving CX trends.

Wondering how this can be done? There are a number of CX experts and professionals all across the globe that have taken their steps ahead and chose to share their observations in the form of helpful tips and tricks on blogs. Therefore, following a few of them can be a great idea.

Here is the list of top 10 CX blogs you should bookmark and start following today:

Bookmark these 12 Customer Experience (CX) Blogs Today!

1. CX Journey Inc.

CX Journey is a global consulting firm in the customer experience strategy. Attracting a large number of readers to its blog every year, the CX Journey’s blog offers its readers a mix of customer experience, employee experience, customer service, the voice of the customer, and leadership-related blogs.

Founded by Annette Franz, the website’s blog features topics pertaining to the delivery of improved customer experience and what lies ahead in the journey.

2. My Customer

Guiding its readers about the simple tricks to engage and serve customers globally, My Customer is the best online platform that empowers its readers with some simple tricks to improve their customers’ journey and experience. It assists its readers with some great insights into engaging and serving their customers throughout their journey, from making a purchase to beyond.

Published by SIFT, a leading B2B publisher specializing in online and interactive professional communities, their core focus stays on data-driven marketing and customer experience management.

3. Customer Bliss

Founded and Presided by Jeanne Bliss who is also the co-founder of The Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), Jeanne has been contributing towards the betterment and development of the customer experience industry for over 20 years.

A highly recommended CX speaker who has addressed various high profile conferences and corporate events, Jeanne shares regular CX insights on her blog and keeps her readers engaged and informed with her highly curated content.

4. Arian Swinscoe’s Blog

A consultant and advisor in the customer experience domain, Arian Swinscoe holds an extensive experience of 16 years in developing customer-centric strategies to enable the growth of large and small businesses. He has a keen interest in helping organizations that are focused on attaining their employees’ and customers’ satisfaction as well as want to attain their own level of greatness.

One must visit Arian Swinscoe Blog if he/she wants to gain an understanding of customer experience, customer journey, customer retention, branding, business development and a lot more.

5. Blake Morgan’s Blog

Blake Morgan is a skilled speaker and thinker of the customer experience domain. After the success of her first book on customer experience, she is now working on her second book on customer experience with HarperCollins. Her expertise lies on delivering keynote speeches, handling on-stage Q&A, sharing thought leadership content, YouTube content and also acting as a moderator.

On Blake Morgan Blog, you can find a wealth of information on customer experience, the changing role of technology in delivering improved customer experience and a lot more.

6. MK Insights

This is a blog section on the brand website of MattsenKumar LLC, a pioneer in establishing and transforming contact center operations for leading organizations across the globe. Aimed at sharing the latest information about the ongoing trends of the contact center industry, follow MK Insights to stay updated about the customer experience market.

For over 15 years, MattsenKumar LLC has embraced quality in all its activities. And, they proudly maintain that in all their customer services.

7. The Michelli Experience

A customer experience blog by one of the reputed and recognized the New York Times #1 Bestselling author, Joseph A. Michelli, Ph.D., C.S.P., is a coveted speaker, author, and organizational consultant. His blog, The Michelli Experience is a clear reflection of the ways in which he is able to help businesses adopt exceptional business practices to deliver exceptional customer experience.

The consulting services, keynote and workshop presentations and the bestselling books offered to some of the world’s leading customer experience companies have enabled them to stay focused and continue their process of growth.

8. Customer Experience Insight

This one is a part of the Catalyst Media Network, a global sports marketing company, which shares insights into some of the latest marketing, sales and customer experience news and information. The best part of Customer Experience Insight is that it is not just focused on sharing updates about the customer experience market but also on helping professionals understand what’s working and not working to improve customer retention score.

9. Shep Hyken’s (Customer Service Blog)

Managed by the customer service and experience expert and the Chief Amazement Officer (CAO) of Shepard Presentations, this blog shares everything and anything about customers. From sharing the tips on improving customer service and customer experience, this blog also helps one develop a broader understanding of enhanced customer care, customer loyalty, employee engagement and much more.

Do check his website Shep Hyken, as you would also get to listen to some amazing podcasts of Shep interviewing experts like Ryan Minton and Brian Sprinkle from the industry.

10. Customer Experience Matters

Owned and managed by Qualtrics, this is a blog by the Temkin Group, a leading customer experience (CX) research, consulting, and training firm. Enabling customers to craft their own success story, this blog helps many leading brands to draft their transitioning journey towards customer-centricity and attain improved brand loyalty.

Refer Experience Matters blog to enhance your understanding about customer experience, factors that directly affect your customer behavior directly, and various others.

11. The Customer Experience Blog

Handled and managed by John DiJulius, The Customer Experience blog is an excellent platform that empowers its readers with some excellent information on delivering exceptional customer experience.

Being a successful entrepreneur and an excellent international level customer experience consultant, John’s blogs are a pool of information on delivering exceptional customer experience to boost results.

12. People Metrics

Helping clients to measure and improve patient experience, B2B client experience, and B2C customer experience, this blog is a knowledge bank those looking for ways to improve customer experience.

The People Metrics shares regular updates with its readers and helps them understand the tricks to deliver a better customer experience, creating a customer-centric culture and others. Don’t miss checking this one out regularly or at least, more frequently.


There’s no dearth of information on customer experience and the blogs/websites that carry such information. The idea here is to share with you the list of top 10 customer experience blogs that contain more than enough information to enhance your knowledge bank. Do you think we have missed any that should have its name on the list? Let us know in the comment box below.

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