Top 20 CX Influencers To Follow In 2020 – MattsenKumar Edition


CX Influencers 2020

2020 started as a normal year and continued that way up until March but since then, we all are facing one of the biggest challenges mankind has ever faced – COVID-19. Organizations irrespective of geography and industry are struggling to manage the expectations and experience of their customers. It is times like these when we need to fall back to basics and make our vision and plans more robust. What is the best way to accomplish that other than following and learning from the best?

 So as every year, MattsenKumar has released a list of Top 20 Customer Experience Influencers whom every organization and leader must follow and seek help from. Here are the experts whom we look upto and are sure you should as well:

1. Adam Toporek


Adam is an internationally acclaimed Customer Experience expert. His expertise lies in helping organizations take their relationship to the next level with customers. By strategizing better, leveraging improved paradigms and training employees, Adam helps enterprises offer an exquisite experience.

Adam is a keynote speaker and he also runs a very popular blog titled Customers that Stick. The blog is an impressive repository of podcasts, posts, and training materials.

Read more about Adam’s work at

2. Blake Morgan


A guest lecturer at Columbia University, Blake Morgan has also authored two books. Often referred to as a Customer Experience Futurist, Blake Morgan is your go-to CX influencer for identifying the next big thing.

Blake contributes highly articulate and meticulous posts on portals like Harvard Business Review and Forbes. Blake has helped several organizations improve their customer experience. She also co-hosts a very popular podcast called “Be Your Own Boss”.

Follow her work at

3. Annette Franz


Founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc, Annette Franz is an internationally recognized CX leader. Annette is a Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, and a successful CX Coach. With 30 years of experience, Annette has almost every CX recognition and award in her kitty.

Annette is also the 2020 CXPA board chair and advisory board member of CX@UCI. Annette’s expertise lies in customer journey mapping. Through her intricate processes, she helps organizations offer an exceptional customer experience.

Find her best work at

4. Shep Hyken


Shep Hyken needs no introduction, he is a best-selling author, leading CX Influencer, an Amazon Prime show host and an amazing teacher. Currently, Shep Hyken is the Chief Amazement Officer of Shepard Presentations.

Shep’s book, blog, and videos are aimed at helping enterprise leaders understand and implement the intricacies of customer experience management. Shep was recently inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame for Lifetime Achievement in the speaking profession.

We love Shep and you will too. Check him at

5. Jeanne Bliss 


Jeanne Bliss is undoubtedly one of the most popular names on our list. Jeanne bliss is the CEO & Founder of Customer Bliss. She also plays the role of Co-founder at CXPA quite effectively. After delivering over 1500 keynote speeches and training over 20,000 leaders, Jeanne Bliss is at a stature which is the dreams of many.

For many, it is tough to discuss customer experience without mentioning Jeanne Bliss. The author continues to inspire the next generation CX leaders through her posts on her blog Customer Bliss.

Know more about Jeanne via

6. Bill Quiseng


Bill Quiseng is your quintessential CX influencer that helps organizations understand everything about Customer Service. A blogger, professional writer, and an award-winning speaker, Bill has accomplished all a seasonal CX leader can.

With 30 years of experience, Bill is among one of the most popular CX influencers. His experience of managing luxury resorts and handling customers reflects in every blog he writes and the keynote speeches he gives. Bill was also selected for Top Customer Service Influencers by Fit Small Business in 2018.

More on Bill at

7. Colin Shaw


Colin is one of the most important influencers on our list because he is a master of all. Colin was named one of the top 150 Business Influencers by LinkedIn. His company Beyond Philosophy LLC was also recognized as one of the best management consultancies year after year.

Colin has also authored books and contributes incessantly to his popular podcast named The Intuitive Customer. His contribution to the varied institutions has helped him become a renowned name in the Customer Experience management industry.

Join Colin’s journey at

8. Ian Golding


Ian is a much-admired blogger, speaker, and customer experience educator. Ian’s company Customer Experience Consultancy works with some of the most renowned businesses. Ian is credited to be the first CX professional to be an authorized resource and training provider for the CCXP accreditation.

One of the most prolific CX influencers, Ian Golding’s book “Customer What? : The Honest and Practical Guide to Customer Experience” is a bestseller. Ian is also a member of the jury for awards like the UK Customer Experience Awards and Gulf Customer Experience Awards.

Find out more about Ian and his work at

9. James Dodkins


 A very renowned Keynote Speaker and Content Creator, James was recently named as the number 1 CX Influencer by Customer Experience Magazine. His work with Disney, Nike, and Lego is like a manual to epitome customer experience for many.

James Dodkins’ customer-centricity is the key to the success of organizations he works with. James hosts Amazon Prime’s popular show “This Week in CX”. Many in the industry refer to James Dodkins as “Customer Experience Rockstar”.

Learn more about James’s work at

10. Nate Brown


Nate Brown is an established name in the world of CX management. Nate has co-founded CX Accelerator and is among one of the top 50 ICMI Thought Leader. Nate is a veteran in the field of customer journey mapping, he shares his expertise through blogs and at speaking events.

Currently, Nate is also serving as the CEO of Officium Labs, Nate’s expertise lies in survey process and analysis and employee engagement.

More information on Nate available at

11. Katie Stabler


Founder and Director of CULTIVATE Customer Experience by Design, Katie Stabler is an experienced CX Influencer. She is among one of the few influencers, with experience in leading CX programs with complex structures and regulated environments.

One must follow Katie Stabler for understanding how customer experience management can make or break the future of an organization.

Check out Katie’s website at

12. Jay Nathan


Popular for creating customer retention and growth methodology for managing and scaling tech companies, Jay Nathan has a decade of experience in customer success. His company, Customer Imperative, focuses on helping B2B SaaS offer quality customer experience, and retain customers.

Customer Imperative has successfully helped varied organizations improve their revenue, scale their business, and achieve growth by fixing the customer experience.

Jay’s work can be found at

13. Adrian Swinscoe 


A podcaster, blogger, best-selling author, and a service consultant. Adrian has donned varied hats through his illustrious career. Adrian’s book “How to Wow” and “Punk CX” are best-sellers and quite helpful in shaping an organizations’ CX.

Adrian is on a mission to help enterprise improve their processes, scale their business, and grow revenue by offering exceptional customer experience.

Follow Adrian’s work at

14. Shane Goldberg 


With over 20 years of experience in CX Management, Shane Goldberg is one of the most followed CX influencers. Shane has successfully helped organizations improve CX through new areas of growth.

Founder and Principal at CustCore, Shane Goldberg actively consults enterprises and helps them Wow their customers. Business improvement, sales operation, and product management are the core focus areas of Shane Goldberg.

Know more about Shane via

15. Matt Watkinson 


CEO and Co-founder of Methodical, Matt Watkinson is a popular keynote speaker, author, and senior visiting fellow at the prestigious Cass Business School. Matt is often referred to as a subject matter expert in Customer Experience.

Matt has authored best-selling books like “The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences” that have won awards and are critically acclaimed. Matt’s other book “The Grid” was selected for the prestigious list of Management Book of the Year in 2019.

 Learn about Matt’s work at

16. Greg Ortbach


Greg Ortbach is one of the Top 25 CX Influencers to follow by Panviva and one of the Top 50 Thought Leaders to Follow on Twitter by ICMI. With 20 years of experience in managing relationships, building strategic partnerships, and growing profit channels, Greg Ortbach is a leader everyone wants to follow.

Greg Ortbach has an ardent Twitter following primarily because he co-hosts the popular Twitter chat #CustServ and secondly for the quality CX consulting services he provides.

Greg’s work can be found at 

17. Jo Boswell 


After spending over 25 years in British Airways, Jo Boswell founded her company, Sentio-B, and started coaching the CX leaders of tomorrow. Jo’s CX expertise has helped multiple enterprises create a memorable experience that reflects positively in revenue growth.

After having an illustrious career, Jo Boswell is now focused on training Boards and Senior Leaders in driving customer experience transformations. Jo Boswell was recently included in Top 20 Customer Experience influencers by CX Magazine.

Find out more about Jo at

18. Stacy Sherman 


Stacy Sherman is a leading CX influencer, her aim of connecting with authentic people and inspire great customer experience is based on having motivated and engaged employees. Stacy Sherman is a renowned keynote speaker, blogger, podcaster, coach, and a Forbes Contributor.

Stacy is a founding CX Board Member and Advisor at George Washington & Seton Hall University. Stacy also hosts a popular community that goes with the name of “Women Leaders Making a Difference”.

Follow Stacy at

19. James Perryman 

James Perryman

With over 20 years of proven experience, James Perryman is helping businesses improve employee engagement, culture, and customer experience, by showing them how to bring purpose, advocacy, and empowerment to employees and customers, creating every day exceptional experiences.

He is the Founder at Momentus Limited, where coaching, mentoring, and training are combined successfully to differentiate brands and set them apart from the competition.

Find out more about James’s work at

20. Kaye Chapman 

Kaye chapman

 Kaye Chapman is a Customer Experience and Learning Specialist. Kaye works in close ties with global organizations to design outstanding customer experience by establishing people-first policies.

Kaye is quite active in the CX Accelerator Slack community, she contributes as a Community Organizer and Facilitator. Apart from all her corporate collaboration, Kate Chapman actively contributes to varied channels like CustomerThink and Business2Community.


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