7 Tips to Take Advantage of an Outbound Contact Center


outbound contact center

You have an awesome product range but are unable to market it as you would like to due to reasons like limited resources, incapable manpower, and inefficient technology. On the other hand, your competitor with a similar product range and backed by an experienced team is reaching newer heights of success and expanding rapidly. Wondering how? It’s majorly because they have availed services from an outbound contact center.

Outbound call centers are the ones in which the call center agents make outbound calls to the customers on behalf of a business or a client. These calls may intend to sell a product, collect customer information, conduct a survey or raise funds. Acting as a virtual sales team, outbound contact center needs to have a well-planned strategy beforehand so as to earn the maximum output.

There are many who believe that inbound process is much more efficient than an outbound process. The reasons for this are many such as improved sales, better productivity, better customer satisfaction, and cost savings. But, owing to the rapid business expansion and their growing needs, it has become quite difficult for them to manage all such needs internally. And, this is where the role of outbound call center arrives.

While a little is known about the benefits of outsourcing these functionalities like simplified call tracking, automated call routing, and lower training costs, it is important to know that outbound contact center agents can actually act as your virtual sales team. So, being aware of the tricks to utilize these executives in the best possible manner is important. Mentioned below are a few of these:

1. Communicate Your Expectations Clearly

Letting your external team know your expectations and the goals you wish to attain is important. This will enable them to design their plan of action accordingly. If required, feedback on their call recordings can also be shared from time-to-time as this would allow them to improve their existing plan of action.

Along with this, maintaining a regular communication via email or message to make them feel important can also work effectively to strengthen the feeling of mutual trust and confidence.

2. Conduct Regular Virtual Meetings

Since your outbound sales representatives are not physically available, meeting them regularly may not seem to be a practical option. But, you can overcome this hurdle by planning a virtual meeting via a conference or web call. Conducting this meeting on a regular basis maybe weekly or bi-weekly, can be a great trick to know each individual’s contribution towards the organization’s success and inspire each one of them to perform better.

3. Create A Library of Best Sales Calls

It is possible that the outbound contact center agent is on call and is unable to handle a particular type of query. For immediate resolution, it is best to make the right form of help available. But for any such calls in future, it is necessary to offer them the right form of training so that they are able to handle all such calls on their own.

Creating a library of the best sales calls handled by the customer care representatives and grouping them as per their category can be a great tactic. Easy to locate, listening to these sample calls can help them know and understand the best ways to close a lead. Apart from them, these call recordings can also be listened by the senior representatives to share feedback on the agents’ scope of improvement and other challenges they might face in future calls.

4. Appreciate Their Efforts

Recognition is one of the most effective techniques to keep an employee motivated to perform better. And, this trick works well also with the agents working at an outbound contact center. Some of the common tactics that can be used are creating a leadership board and dashboards.

Leadership boards that mention the names of top-performing agents are one of the proven ways to motivate every employee to deliver their best performance. Creating dashboards is also a great idea to closely monitor the performance of every agent and in turn, facilitating the deserving ones. This can also be a great way to identify the strengths of each team member and the areas where they need some sort of additional training.

5. Be Consistent

Maintaining consistency in providing training to the representatives can be a great help in upholding their productivity and retention. When the agents continue to receive proper training and guidance, it helps in ensuring that they stay longer with your company. Along with this, it also keeps them interested in their work and helps them to grow and learn on a continual basis.

6. Keep Them Motivated

Keeping the outbound sales team inspired and motivated can play a major role in bringing success and growth to the organization. While appreciating the agents’ hard work and efforts is important, it is not always enough. Therefore, it is a must to include some sort of monetary benefits such as planning SPIFFS (Special Payment Incentive for Fast Sales), contests and commission-based incentives.

SPIFF or SPIF or SPIV is an immediate bonus, generally, a small amount paid for a sale to a salesperson. Giving out such incentives and benefits to the agents working at the outbound call center may not only help in instilling positivity but will also keep them motivated towards work.

7. Consistent Monitoring

For a call center to attain the desired results, it is important to keep a close track on all its phases of operation. Since outsourcing the call center services to an external team makes it difficult to monitor the agents’ performance, there should never be any compromise in terms of their performance quality and delivery.

Therefore, keeping a close eye on their performance using technology like speech analytics and sharing regular feedback is important to ensure that the agents are able to improve their performance and continue delivering their best by overcoming their flaws.


Every call is different. Therefore, it is important for the agents to receive the right form of training at the right time. This would help in ensuring that every agent is trained the right way to deliver their best and also help the client in attaining their desired results. Moreover, there is no harm in relying on a team of outbound contact center agents as to when performing right; they actually act as a virtual sales team. So, be aware of the right tactics and you will be able to attain the best outcomes soon.


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How to build a Future-Ready Contact Center?

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