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NPS Score

NPS Score: A Key Metric to Measure Your Customer Experience

When a person has to buy a new phone, what he/she does is checks its reviews and feedbacks on the in...

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Dead Air Space

5 Tips To Reduce Dead Air Space While Offering Customer Support

You have been calling the customer care center for the last 10 days to get your one query resolved. ...

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outbound contact center

7 Tips to Take Advantage of an Outbound Contact Center

You have an awesome product range but are unable to market it as you would like to due to reasons li...

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5 Tips to Improve Your First Call Resolution [FCR] Score

When a customer calls a contact center, he/she expects the agents to resolve his/her query at the sa...

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5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Outsourcing Your Contact Center

In today’s rapidly-evolving society, customer satisfaction still remains the key to success for ever...

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Customer Retention

Repeat Customers: 7 Factors That Can Help Improve Customer Retention

For a customer-centric organization, aiming to attain maximum customer satisfaction and improving th...

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10 Quick Tips To Reduce Average Handle Time

Jack is running a successful million-dollar company that makes an annual turnover of about $100 mill...

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Top 8 KPIs That Can Help Improve Your Customer Experience

The fact that customer experience is the key to success is not a new revelation. With the marketplac...

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All About Average Handle Time (AHT)

Performing the job of a call center agent is never easy. From handling customer requests to resolvin...

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