Every E-commerce Leader’s Guide to Managing The Challenge of Product Returns

Did you know? 1 out of every 3 products ordered online is returned by shoppers. These returns happen due to various reasons and identification of them is critical for every e-commerce organization’s growth. Product return impacts customer satisfaction, revenues, and customer loyalty.

Various factors influence the product returns which include catalog errors, misplaced attribute values, lack of seller education, etc.  This ebook will educate you about these factors and the precautions and measures you can take as an e-commerce leader to overcome this looming challenge.

This guide will help every e-commerce leader or team to understand

  • The significance of product return
  • Statistics showcasing the impact of product return
  • The impact of returns on revenue, sellers, and marketplaces
  • Factors influencing returns
  • How e-commerce organizations can control returns
  • And more.

Download today to understand the impact and take the right steps towards minimizing product returns.

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