Productivity Tips for Contact Center Agents Working From Home


COVID pandemic has established Work from Home as a viable alternative and now businesses are seriously assessing the possibilities of deploying remote workforce for everyone. A 2 year long Stanford study credits work from home for increasing productivity among employees.

The Stanford study divided 500 employees into two groups, half of it worked from regular office spaces while the other half was asked to work from remote locations. The employees working from home were found to be 13% more productive than their counterparts operating from designated workspaces.

The same study also accredited Work from Home as a better option because employees who functioned from home completed their full-shift whereas employees working from office arrived late and left early.

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What are the other benefits of letting employees work from home?

A survey by Indeed reveals, letting employees work from remote locations decreases the attrition rate by 50%. Work from home scenario has promoted the culture of employee satisfaction and in return, employees have offered organizations with their unwavering loyalty and better output.

Helps with Business Continuity: COVID pandemic has rendered organizations from around the world helpless. Enterprises are seeking expert advice on deploying remote workforce for business continuity. Leveraging work from home can help organizations offer their services uninterruptedly to clients from around the world.

Client’s Preference: In the post-COVID world, MNCs will start preferring organizations that allow their employees to work from home. COVID has introduced remote working as a viable option and any company that leverages it as a tool will benefit immensely. Every enterprise wants to keep its processes up and running hence agencies that let their employees function remotely will gain heavily.

Reduces Stress Level: Multiple studies have found that employees who work from home lead a happy and stress-free life. Experts suggest that it is the lack of daily commute and the urgency of reaching workplaces at the right time that leads to lesser stress level and allows employees to contribute productively.

More work in Less Time: Employees find themselves free to schedule their tasks according to their routine, which leads to quality output. Happy employees are likely to impart quality services leading to higher customer satisfaction.

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