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Limited infrastructure, insufficient manpower, and high costs are some of the problems that can plague any business. Even as you try and expand your core business, you need to also expand your capacity for handling back-office and voice requirements.

However, the cost of hiring and accommodating the resources required in-house can be quite daunting. In fact, it can erode your bottom-line and profitability as well.

But what if you could find all the human resources you need and for a fraction of the cost? What if you could turn over the handling of the nitty-gritty of your voice and back-office operations to a reliable partner, leaving you time to focus on your core business?

Here’s are some other benefits your business can reap by outsourcing:

Low Cost, High Quality: Outsourcing allows you to get the job done at a much lower cost. Getting the same job done in a country like India often costs a fraction of what it would in the USA. Also, when you outsource to India, you can ensure that you pick partners who specialize in the work that needs to be done, thus ensuring better quality output.

Reduction in Infrastructure Costs: Outsourcing eliminates the need to build up extra infrastructure as it is now your partner’s job to manage and develop resources for handling your business processes. This way, you can free up a lot of resources that would otherwise have been spent on building and maintaining infrastructure to handle all your processes.

Focus on Core Areas: Outsourcing ensures that you no longer need to worry as much about hiring and training the new team. Your outsourcing partner takes care of all your secondary and tertiary business needs – from hiring to managing. Also, you no longer need to spend time and resources on managing these outsourced operations. This leaves you more time and energy to devote to developing your core business, improving your brand image and more.

24×7 Support: The time difference between your country and the location of your outsourcing partner can offer several advantages. It can enable you to run your operations or provide support to your clients around the clock. This can make your business operations much quicker and efficient. For example, even if you onboard a customer at 6 PM at your local time, your vendor would have already completed all necessary documentation by the time you are back the next day. This ensuring that you can take the next required steps right away for all your clients.

As you can see, outsourcing, in general, can offer a lot of benefits to your business. However, it is important that you are careful in choosing the location you wish to outsource too.

Both India and the Philippines are known for being the top two outsourcing destinations for large multinational organizations with their own advantages and challenges. However, in recent times, outsource to India is proving to be a better destination for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for the following reasons:

Larger Talent Pool: India produces a larger number of talented resources with good technical expertise every year as compared to the Philippines. Adding to the same, over 50% of India’s population is under 25 years of age, thus ensuring a large pool of skilled resources to choose from.

Extensive Experience: India is an older player in the IT & ITES sector and has a considerably larger share of the industry, with about $118 billion. Philippines share stands at around $15 billion.

Lower Attrition Rates: Attrition in the BPO industry in India has been decreasing over the past couple of years, and is currently at its lowest since 2009 (Source: AON Survey Results 2015/16). On the other hand, attrition rates in the BPO industry in the Philippines are relatively much higher.

Better Infrastructure: India has over 50 key locations for IT and BPO service delivery, compared to the two available in the Philippines.

Highly Cost-Effective: With rising wage costs in the Philippines, outsource to India can prove to be a much cheaper destination. It has lower wage costs and the better-developed infrastructure. When adding up all the labor and infrastructure costs, outsource to India works out to be less expensive than the Philippines. The price point for Philippines used to be 10% higher than India’s costs, so consider their price to be around $13.75 per hour.


So, if you’re looking to outsource your business processes and grow your business, remember India is the place to be.

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