product management

Optimizing search results to help buyers find the precise listing can improve customer experience and retention. Product Management Services focuses on ushering e-commerce platforms towards perfection by avoiding brand interference, improving search results and onboarding new sellers to help buyers make better decisions.

Product Management Services from MattsenKumar came into existence to help enterprises improve on conversions. By obliterating duplicate listings and controlling information mismatch, we are helping the buyers on e-commerce platforms find the desired products faster.

Our Services

Product Discovery

Navigational search, direct discovery and product recommendations are leveraged to help customers find desired products faster. By perusing ranking relevance, string analysis, and landing page optimization, we help organizations increase impressions and CTR.

Our services include:
  • Direct Discovery Enhancement
  • Navigational Search
  • Recommendations Study

Selection Enhancement

The service intends to identify potential sellers and get them on board to ensure customers are offered with a pool of choices. The service helps e-commerce players get ahead of their competitors by identifying missing products and onboarding sellers who can sell them.

Our services include:
  • Missing Selection Study
  • Seller Identification
  • Seller Onboarding

Key Benefits

  • Boost in Revenues

    Better search results and addition of missing products based on search queries lead to increased conversions

  • Seller Base Growth

    Consistent onboarding of the right sellers will boost the growth of seller base on your marketplace.

  • Increased Product Assortments

    Missing products added based on search query analysis leads to better assortments on the platform.

  • Improved Search Performance

    With recommendations and navigational search improvements, your search performance is bound to increase.