While e-commerce platforms continue to compete on pricing and delivery to retain customers, impeccable e-catalog can prove to be a major decision influencer. An excellent catalog will improve customer experience by providing the entire information in one go. With competition getting rife and niche getting saturated, companies need to constantly improve their catalog. An informative catalog will help customers make faster and better decisions.

Catalog Management services from MattsenKumar relies on a meticulous process for creating and maintaining e-catalogs. From content creation to catalog enrichment and from catalog writing to catalog quality check, our team of industry experts serves in every domain of content management.

Our Services

Catalog Creation

With catalog being a major decision influencer, we at MattsenKumar abide by the data quality norms to create top-notch catalogs. Our catalog creation services help enterprises speed past their contemporaries and retain customers.

Catalog Quality Check

Receiving too many complaints from sellers? Catalog Quality Check can help you attain the requisite seller satisfaction. Availing Catalog Quality & Compliance services will enable sellers to maintain the desired catalog quality and ensure compliance with varied data quality norms.

Catalog Enrichment

Experiencing a high bounce rate and cart abandonment rate? It might be time to look for Content Enrichment Services. Our team of industry experts will traverse through the existing content and decipher opportunities for content enrichment.

Content Writing

Investing in content writing services will help online stores offer better understanding of product. Well written product guides will boost conversions as well. Fresh and unique content written specifically for your online store will boost the search engine rankings of your site too.

Key Benefits

  • Superior Quality Catalog

    Helps in building a high quality catalog with the right and complete information for your customers.

  • Improved Customer Experience

    A well-developed catalog helps customers make informed decisions which leads to good experience.

  • Boost in Conversions

    Eases the decision-making process for your customers, thereby boosting conversions.

  • Higher Product Listings

    With efficient seller education & compliance, product listings pass rates are bound to increase.