The contemporary e-commerce industry is highly volatile and lack of tools to adapt can be disruptive for new sellers. With our Seller & Buyer Management Services, e-commerce platforms can help their sellers sustain the growth. With an established management platform, sellers will be able to cement their place in an expanding ecosystem.

We, at MattsenKumar, are committed to building a system that assists buyers and improves their customer experience. With services like Buyer Query Support and Buyer Perception Management, we are helping both sellers and buyers make the most of ever-evolving e-commerce ecosystem.

Our Services

Buyer Experience Management

Investing in Buyer Experience enhancement can help e-commerce players optimize their product pages, search results, duplicate listing, and product description. Buyer Experience involves a comprehensive study of catalog, search results, and functionalities, which helps online stores identify and remove errors.

Our Offerings
  • Buyer Query Support
  • Buyer-Seller Engagement
  • Buyer Perception Management

Seller Experience Management

We help e-commerce companies establish an unbeatable seller support system to empower sellers and guide them through onboarding, incubation, fulfilled by marketplace undertaking, and returns. Designed to help e-commerce platforms increase efficiency, a seller support system can change the dynamics inside out.

Our Offerings
  • Pre & Post Onboarding Support
  • Business Incubation Support
  • Account Management

Key Benefits

  • Increased Customer Experience

    Prompt response to customer queries and helping them with their challenges improve their platform experience.

  • Enhanced Seller Performance

    The right attention provided to sellers right from their onboarding to account management helps to maintain their performance high.

  • Improved Seller Experience

    Comprehensive seller support ensures sellers feel valued throughout their association with the platform.