While poor customer service is costing businesses an annual loss of $62 Billion, a Forrester research reveals, customer centric companies will quadruple their revenue by 2020. Insight driven businesses are using analytics to get rid of data silos and offer customers with personalized experience.

With customer experience emerging as the key differentiator among brands, it gets important for businesses to rely on analytics to understand customer behavior. With reliance on analytics businesses can retain customers, drive sales and build brand reputation.

Understanding Ecommerce Analytics

The objective of Ecommerce Analytics services is to help businesses understand their customers better. Through interaction analytics and social media analytics e-commerce players can discover areas they are failing in.

Investing in Ecommerce Analytics will let businesses decipher user’s behavior faster and offer better service. Competitor benchmarking can help e-commerce players can tackle the threats possessed by competitors.

Our Offerings

Since 80% of users are not likely to shop from a business after one bad experience, it makes sense for e-commerce players to invest in interaction analytics. This service analyses the raw data from social media, agent interaction and other channels to understand customer interactions intricately and offer better customer service.

Social Media is one of the prominent channels customers use to reach e-commerce businesses with their queries. Investing in the analysis of queries, requests, and customer behavior on social media can help organizations offer better customer service. With the improvement in customer service, customer loyalty, customer retention, and revenues are bound to increase.

Since E-commerce players have got deep-pockets, and they can afford to give hefty discounts, it is important for you to invest in competitor benchmarking. Benchmarking popular products on pricing and by matching them, e-commerce players can retain customers. Through competitor benchmarking, missing products and sellers with wider inventory can be identified and on board.

Our content moderation services help you with the timely screening of your user-generated content like comments, videos, and images before it goes live on your platform. We also offer sentiment analysis services for you to gauge your audience’s sentiments towards your brand. These services help you to keep your platform devoid of spam and other inappropriate content.

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Key Benefits

Improved Customer Sentiment Understanding

Through interaction and social media analytics, it is easier to understand your customer’s sentiments towards your brand.

Better Strategies & Decision Making

By staying on top of the competition’s strategies and tactics it becomes easier to strategize better and make faster decisions.

Improved Brand Differentiation

With benchmarking and other analyses, players can stay ahead of the curve and differentiate their brand well.

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