Seller & Buyer Management

The contemporary e-commerce industry is highly volatile and lack of tools to adapt can be disruptive for new sellers. With our Seller & Buyer Management Services, e-commerce platforms can help their sellers sustain the growth. With an established management platform, sellers will be able to cement their place in an expanding ecosystem.

We at MattsenKumar are committed to building a system that assists buyers and improves their customer experience. With services like Buyer’s Chat and Buyer’s Perception, we are helping both seller and buyer make the most of ever-evolving e-commerce ecosystem.

Our Services

Seller Education

Our catalog creation and imaging guides are designed to usher sellers into a competitive mindset. With our seller education services, e-commerce platforms can build a pool of committed sellers. Seller Education Services guarantees an improvement in pass percentage and decrease in turnaround time.

Seller Support

We help e-commerce companies establish an unbeatable seller support system to empower sellers and guide them through catalog creation, enhancement, management, and quality check. Designed to help e-commerce platforms increase efficiency, a seller support system can change the dynamics inside out.

Buyer – Seller Chat

MattsenKumar bridges the gap between buyers and quality product through our chat services. Our expert team takes the queries from buyers and helps them with related information. By rendering information related to product, EMI and payment methods, we assist buyers in having a quality customer experience.

Buyer’s Perception

In Buyer’s Perception services, we run random checks to ensure no brand interference is occurring in search results. The service also helps e-commerce businesses in discovering filter issues and resolving them. Buyer’s perception services help platforms discover and eradicate issues that can affect customer experience.

What Makes Us Distinct?

  • Intensive Management

    Sellers often face the need to check their listings for competition, discount and new offers. We devise plans to help sellers keep up with the changing demands of buyers. By assisting sellers with varied checks and upgrades, we are helping e-commerce platforms increase conversions.

  • Continuous Optimization

    With the industry growing competitive and buyers having multiple options; sellers need to optimize their products and pricing accordingly. Through our seller & buyer management services, we are bridging the gap between buyer’s requirements and seller’s offerings.

  • Intrinsic Processing

    Seasonal revisions, cleansing old records and imaging edits allow sellers to control cart abandonment rate and improve conversions. Our step by step assistance ensures better conversion and improved customer experience.