Search Optimization Services

Optimizing search results to help buyers find the precise listing can improve customer experience and retention. Search Optimization Services focuses on ushering e-commerce platforms towards perfection by avoiding brand interference, eradicating filter issues and improving search results to help buyers make quicker decisions.

Search Optimization Services from MattsenKumar came into existence to help enterprises improve on conversions. By obliterating duplicate listings and controlling information mismatch, we are helping the buyers on e-commerce platforms find the desired products faster.

Our Services

Search Quality Management

With our Search Quality Management Services E-commerce platforms can improve search results shown to buyers. We at MattsenKumar rely on manual checks for ensuring proper search quality management, which ensures higher conversions and improved retention.

Rich Search

Through Rich Search Services we help e-commerce platforms manage their searches smartly. The service focuses on improving search results by removing filter issues and brand interference. Rich Search helps e-commerce platforms experience lower bounce rate and higher conversion.

Search Based Recommendations

Search-Based Recommendations services are designed to help buyers make smart choices. We at MattsenKumar help e-commerce companies create quality search-based recommendations. Our team of experts is responsible for ensuring search-based recommendations are relevant and useful to buyers.

What Makes Us Distinct?

  • Problem Solving Approach

    With a knack for solving problems, our team of experts is constantly looking for improvising opportunities. We stand by our e-commerce clients as staunch support ensuring compliance and efficiency in every process.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Helping enterprises reckon their position in the contemporary market. Our comprehensive reporting aims to educate businesses about the opportunities to help them eradicate discrepancies and discover the scope of implementation for newer tools.

  • Real-time Customization

    We help e-commerce companies in solving the unanticipated problem with our real-time customization services. By infusing problems in real-time, we allow our clients to beat their contemporaries with pace.