Virtual Contact Centers are setups where the agents are not confined to an office but are distributed across locations. During the times when it is difficult for organizations to keep their contact centers operational, virtual contact centers are the best solution for keeping their processes functional. Virtual contact centers leverage remote agents and the right technology to ensure higher efficiencies and service quality.

Our virtual contact center services help our clients to run their customer support processes (phone, chat, and email) remotely. Our well trained remote agents can help them deliver the best experience for their customers irrespective of the channels. With our data security measures, engaged workforce, and the right reporting tools, our clients are guaranteed with a satisfied customer base.

Salient Features

Support Round The Clock

Our virtual contact center services will ensure that your customers are supported round the clock and on their preferred channels. Our agents can deliver the best support for your customers via communications channels like phone, mail, and chat and address the concerns. With a responsive and well-trained team handling your customer queries, your customer satisfaction remains high.

Scalable on Demand

One of the best features of the virtual contact center is the flexibility to scale. Irrespective of an inbound or an outbound process, if your process needs to start small and scale based on the demands, this is the perfect solution. You can hire the services of our remote agents based on your process needs and business requirements. Scaling up the process is much easier when the agents are working remotely.

Highly Customizable

Virtual contact centers can be highly customized for handling your business and process needs. These services can be designed based on customer preferences. Our agents can handle your customer support processes across communication channels like phone, chat, and email. As every business is striving to meet its customers whenever and wherever they prefer, our services also are prepared to cater to those needs.

Guaranteed Data Security

One of the biggest challenges of deploying a remote contact center workforce is ensuring the highest security for your customer’s data. With our virtual contact center services, we have designed processes and methodologies that ensure your customer’s data is secure with the right checks in place.

Key Benefits

  • Guaranteed Cost Savings

    Our virtual contact center services eliminate the costs associated with infrastructure, equipment, and software for you. You can focus on your core processes while our agents working remotely handle your customer queries and such.

  • No Personnel Management Hassles

    With our remote agents handling your customer support, you will be spared of the hassles associated with managing the workforce. You will have a well-trained and capable workforce already vetted by us at your service based on your business needs.

  • High-Quality Service Delivery

    When you avail of our virtual contact center services, the project kicks off with agreeing on the right KPIs and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Abiding to these and focusing on them helps us deliver superior quality service to meet your objectives.

  • Need-Based & Seasonal

    Our virtual contact centers are the perfect solution for meeting the special needs and seasonal demands of your business. Our solutions can accommodate your specific needs for serving your customers and also a sudden spurt in demand.