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The world is quickly evolving, going digital, and to stay ahead in this age of digitization, it is imperative to have a proactive BPO Back Office Services Provider that keeps up with evolving technology and can adapt quickly to changing business needs. Back Office work is often an integral part of business, and for an organization’s all-round growth, optimization of Back Office processes has become hugely critical. MattsenKumar’s Back Office Services provide meticulous solutions to some of the most reputed corporations across the globe. Our Back Office Services help optimize your resources and improve on quality and compliance, which in turn improves business output to increase profits. We have an established track record of executing error-free back office functions all the while upholding the privacy of information and ensuring the highest level of data security.

Our Back Office Services can be segregated under the following heads:

  • Email & Chat Support
  • With the customers getting more and more tech-savvy over the years, the importance of E-mail & Chat Support as modes of customer communication has gathered significant importance, and isn’t something which a business can afford to undermine. As a knowledgeable and effective service provider of customer support and customer relationship management, MattsenKumar’s 24x7 E-mail & Chat Support services are seamless, well-defined and cost-effective. This empowers your business to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and help grow your brand in a holistic way.

  • Transaction Processing
  • MK’s Transaction Processing Solutions are made to order for every business and are provided using the latest and the most highly secure technology platforms. Our solutions enable efficient transaction handling while minimizing fraud and risk, promoting regulatory compliance and minimizing operational expenses.

  • Customer Contact Benchmarking
  • Benchmarking is critical when it comes to determining operational efficiency and effectiveness, and allows you to evaluate how your call center is performing in comparison to your competitors. MattsenKumar’s superlative Benchmarking Services are designed to identify and address any existing performance gaps, evaluate you against your competitors, and regulate operating practices to improve and measure up to the evolving business needs.

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