Call Center Benchmarking

MattsenKumar's benchmarking services helps you in measuring products, services, and processes against industry leaders in one or more aspects of your operations. We provide you necessary insights to help you understand how your performance compares with other organizations. Additionally, MK's benchmarking study helps you identify your areas of improvements, compare how your peers achieve their highest performance level and by utilizing this information we help you improve performance.

Do you know?

  • What your FCR, C-Sat and Retention rates are from a customer's perspective?
  • How your FCR, C-Sat, Sales conversion and Retention performance compares to industry leaders?
  • How your performance on FCR and C-Sat is impacting your operating cost?
  • How your FCR and C-sat scores impacts your organization's ability to retain customers and the financial impact of losing these customers?
  • The reasons why your customers inquiries are not resolved the first time?
  • The best practices for incorporating FCR as an operating philosophy and improving its performance?

If you don't have quality answers to these questions, let the experts at MattsenKumar assist you in benchmarking and improving your call center FCR, Conversion, Retention and customer satisfaction performance.

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