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With onsite capabilities to enhance client management oversight of their existing outsourcing relationships, we help ensure maximum service delivery effectiveness by leveraging our vast experience & delivering results. This "in the trenches" support typically means our teams being on-site working with your service providers to raise the bar. We know vendors, and their unique work cultures, and are successful in working with them to achieve buy-in on "blocking and tackling" techniques that ultimately gives your business and your customers improved services and results. Our teams will be your conduit and day to day contact.

We have successfully deployed this model for existing as well as new businesses and our client list includes a leading cloud computing firm and direct marketing company.

In a typical scenario our team in close conjunction with yours work on all areas including but not limited to recruitment, training, quality, operations and WFM to bring about an improvement in performance.

Broadly saying we follow a 3 step approach:
  1. Assessing Current Performance
  2. Closing gaps & improving performance
  3. Validating change & documenting processes

Our task is not limited to just bringing about improvement but to ensure that we hand over a self-sustained model. During this period we train and coach your team and also help in documentation of the Standard Operating Procedure.

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