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MattsenKumar LLC Hosted a Seminar with DfG to Spread Awareness on Menstrual Hygiene, Coverage by NCR News



Gurgaon, September 28, 2018: The seminar had Celeste Mergens, Founder & CEO of DfG as its chief guest who was accompanied by her team members Laurie A. Baum, Stephanie Schmid, Morgan Sessions, and Sondra Hudgens. A few other guest representatives from various other NGOs also joined the seminar.

Appreciating the commendable efforts put-in by the Team MattsenKumar towards this global cause, Celeste Mergens said, “We want people to come together and create a world where girls and women can live with full dignity, health, and happiness. By developing global partnerships with socially responsible enterprises like MK we mobilize volunteers and devise sustainable solutions that can increase the access to menstrual care and education to every girl worldwide.”

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