MK Takes Strong Measures to Combat COVID-19


With 21,000+ people dead and over 472,000 infected, COVID is now a pandemic that has affected almost every country. While the infected curve continues to grow, over 110,000 people have recovered and are now with their families.

In this grief-stricken situation, the World Health Organization is working in collaboration with governments from around the world to stop the spread of the virus. The bizarre trajectory through which the virus spreads and becomes a plague has got the world’s best healthcare systems on the back foot. 

MattsenKumar was quick in adopting measures that safeguard employees and stop the virus from spreading. At multiple facilities located in Gurugram, Jaipur, and Bengaluru, MK was quick in establishing checks at entry points and ensuring that any employee that showed symptoms were asked to stay at home.

Here’s an aggregated list of varied measures taken by MattsenKumar across multiple facilities:

  • Continuous training & education of our employees on the best practices of personal hygiene, proper method and frequency of handwashing/sanitizing
  • Both our locations (Gurgaon & Jaipur, India) were sanitized completely and our housekeeping teams performed the cleaning exercise every 5 hours (staircase railings, door handles, etc.), and production work stations are sanitized every shift.
  • Free and mandatory health check-ups were conducted across both the sites
  • Our HR team collected the travel history of all our employees since January 2020 and necessary preventive measures were taken.
  • We closed vendor cooked food that was made outside the premise… limiting access into our premise to one staff at each location, making only fresh on-premise snacks
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers were placed at entry areas of the facilities and on all floors and employees and all were reminded to wash hands frequently.
  • Thermal Temperature Scanners were deployed across both facilities (to help prevent any exposure of suspected cases)
  •  We deployed protocols where any team member feeling unwell/sick must immediately inform the HR Team and their reporting manager for isolation and assistance
  • Unwell employees were asked to stay at home until they recover, we encouraged employees to utilize this flexibility responsibly (wherever possible)
  • All non-essential business travel to be avoided to reduce the possibility of contact with more people; curtail conferences and move to video calls
  • Mandatory disclosure if any employee or their family has traveled to a COVID-19 affected area
  • Practice prudent social distancing; avoid shaking hands, postpone/avoid large gatherings to minimize proximity, maintain a distance of at least six feet from someone who is visibly unwell
  • Discourage visitors to the office, substitute the same with video/voice calls as much as possible
  • Employees at all levels were offered Work From Home even before government orders came in. In an attempt to be primitive, MK measured the impending doom and assisted employees at various levels to establish a productive Work From Home setup.

The Road Ahead

MattsenKumar is committed to ensuring the safety of every employee functioning on its premises. By taking stringent methods to ensure proper sanitization MK is creating a fear-free environment for the employees and other important stakeholders.

Working in accordance with government orders and client’s modus operandi, MattsenKumar has yet again proved its commitment towards the quality and well-being of employees.

Here’s a small note by our CEO, Mike Mattsen

“In these unprecedented times, ensuring our employees are safe must be our top priority,” offered MK CEO, Mike Mattsen.  “Now that facilities have been temporarily closed, our emphasis has shifted to ensure that all team members know the rules and are given the opportunity to work safely and securely from their homes.”  Mattsen suggested that while meeting client service level requirements is always the goal, “we, MK and our clients have a higher priority now——to work together to defeat Corona!”

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