MattsenKumar Prepares to Reopen With New Rules & Precautions in Place


A nascent virus that was never heard off before spread mysteriously and brought the entire world to stand still. We all have accepted the fact that even after the coronavirus disappears, our world will never be the same. The way we interact, how businesses operate, how customers are served, all will have a new paradigm in place. Nationwide lockdown led to untimely closure of businesses and workplaces, which had an immense impact on the economy.

After a prolonged nationwide lockdown, things are slowly getting back to normal. While the COVID pandemic continues to reign, the government has decided to open workplaces but with some restrictions. COVID-19 has coaxed organizations in reconsidering their priorities, from now onwards, precaution and safety are going to be the highlight of every business meeting.

At MattsenKumar, we are prepping to resume day-to-day operations but with limited workforce and strong safety measures in place. To ensure that all staff and employees are protected and to contain the spread of the virus, we are abiding by all the measures announced by the government and international agencies like WHO.

Measures at the Entrance/Security Gate

COVID-19 spreads only when people are ignorant about the virus and the precautions. By taking protective measures and ensuring cleanliness, we can stop the deadly virus from spreading.

Some measures announced related to security gate include

  • Wearing protective masks and covering nose and mouth
  • Signing an Employee Declaration Form on their health condition
  • Mandatory thermal scans at the security gate
  • Ensuring all sanitization workers are wearing PPE kits
  • Following social distancing rules under all circumstances
  • Manual attendance marking at the entry gate
  • Placing notice related to the prohibition of tobacco and spitting
  • Anyone who refuses to sign declaration form or wear face mask will be denied entry

Sanitization Measures

As announced by WHO & ICMR, sanitization is the prevalent way of stopping the virus from spreading. By sanitizing the workplace with powerful chemicals, we are ensuring employees get to work in a safe environment.

Here’s the exhaustive list of all Sanitization Measures

  • Use of Sodium Hypochlorite for deep sanitization of the entire facility
  • Providing sanitization workers with requisite tools like mask and gloves
  • Documentation of all sanitization and cleaning exercises
  • Placing guidelines related to sanitization and cleanliness on varied entry points

Measures to be Followed Upto Reception Includes

If we are successful in stopping the virus from entering the campus then we can surely protect all our valuable employees. Following guidelines need to be adhered by everyone when close to the reception area:

  • Reception doors will be open throughout to minimize touch
  • All notice boards will carry important guidelines related to COVID
  • Only one person per sofa will be allowed
  • Yellow/White marker or tape will be used to layout the social distancing boxes
  • Placement of hand sanitizer to keep hands germ free
  • Notice that restricts meeting with more than 5 people in boardrooms
  • Only two people will be allowed in meeting rooms
  • 5 people at maximum will be allowed to use open area simultaneously

 Rules to Abide by for the Production Floors

  • Sit according to social distancing marks, three chairs in one row
  • Support with sanitization workers
  • Ensure all desks are sanitized thrice daily
  • Wear a face mask at all times
  • Keep the entry and exit doors open throughout to avoid touch
  • Follow frequent announcements related to hand sanitization
  • Use sanitizer safely when near to photocopier, coffee machine, and water dispenser
  • Avoid touching walls and other machines unnecessarily

Preventive Measures for the Cafeteria

The cafeteria is perhaps the arena where we all need to follow the rules of social distancing strictly, hence MK is taking some strict measures that include

  • Employees will have to use Cafeteria shift-wise
  • Only one person per table will be allowed
  • Hand sanitizers are placed for employee use
  • All tables and chair will be disinfected after lunch
  • Play zones are restricted from use
  • PPE kits, hand gloves, headcover, and face masks to be used by all service staffs
  • No outside food will be allowed in the premises
  • Tuckshop to be operated with branded and packed food products only
  • Tea/Coffee/Water Dispenser machines to be cleaned in the regular process
  • Path to reaching Water dispensers/Coffee machines
  • Self Service for all the tea-coffee-water services
  • Disposal of Waste in Garbage bags – 24 hrs. and properly packed

 Washroom Measures

Washrooms are easily a haven for viruses to stay and spread. By taking the following measures, the MK management is leaving no stone unturned in protecting everyone from the virus.

  • Cleaning with disinfectant every time
  • Social Distancing in Washroom – Not more than 2 people at one time
  • Soap liquid to be available all the times
  • Use one washbasin only if we have multiple – Cover it with Tape
  • Close one seat between two for social distancing

 Final Points

While the lethal virus is still out there and spreading like never before but at MK we have to take these measures to be operational for some of our clients. We are opening our varied facilities but we are ensuring top-notch protection against the impact of this life-threatening virus.

We urge all our employees to actively help us in fighting the virus at all front starting from security gate to reception and other social places like open areas and cafeteria.


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