How NPS Prediction Impacts “Customer Success”


customer success

NPS Management is a well-known social phenomenon that a happy customer talks about you to three friends while an unhappy one would talk to thousands.

Today’s customer wants maximum value for every penny spent on a product or service; therefore organizations are striving to improve the customer satisfaction levels, thereby turning a consumer into your true brand promoter. With rapidly shifting customer loyalties, we can help you to provide an end to end solution to gain insights into customer satisfaction. Our professionals have tons of experience in customer experience management right from the point of survey design to generation of ideas for NPS improvement.

NPS Survey Design

So many surveys seem to have a split personality simply due to lack of design goals. We focus on stamping out ineffective processes and bad survey frameworks. Our team can help your organization to ask the right questions to the right audience at the right time through the right technique that would help you to understand your promoters and detractors with highly increased clarity.

NPS Deployment

Deployment of surveys is not just a bunch of questions being put up for the consumers to respond to. It is an art to gather meaningful information that reflects true customer perception about the service you provide. Each survey is unique with requirements specific to its target audience.

Customer Surveys and Market Research Surveys are most economically accomplished with online surveys. The need for paper or telephone surveys in last few years has been eliminated altogether with proper sampling techniques.

MK Deployment services are designed to implement end to end net promoter methodology effectively and effortlessly. With over 5 million responses, we have helped organizations across industries and of varied sizes, to skyrocket their business metrics effectively.

NPS Improvement

• Survey Structure Assessment: Identify the Big “Y” that drives the NPS & questions related to the quality of service,

• NPS Performance: Understand the current NPS performance with the ratio of detractors and promoters,

• Key Driver Analysis (KDA): Our team will analyze if questions in the survey are related to each other as well as to the NPS question,

• Correlation of NPS and business objectives: Through regression techniques, our team will study the relation between NPS and other business metrics like conversion, retention, turnaround time, cycle time etc.,

• Study of Big Y’s: Arriving on Big “Y’s” that drives NPS using statistical tools like multivariate analysis,

• Drivers of NPS: Identify the factors having the highest impact on overall NPS,

• Performance of NPS Drivers: Understand the performance of factors impacting overall NPS.


Our analytical capability is the secret sauce to create a seamless customer experience in the digital world. Through a sophisticated set of our analytical services spanning across the spectrum from big data consulting to support and managed services, we help you generate relevant and actionable insights. We work with the world’s largest brands to boost their data and analytical capabilities.

Benefits of NPS Improvement

• Knowing the Consumer Better: Generate values that strengthen your brand that attracts and retains customers,

• Driving Process Excellence: Bridging gaps, reducing waste and inefficiencies by sharing data and insights,

• Improving Decision-making: Stepping up to a more predictive approach to decision making.

customer success

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