Giving Back To Community

We encourage social responsibility

We encourage social responsibility

Everyone is Important

MK is committed to creating an environment that honors employees with respect and appreciation for the tough jobs they do, and this commitment in turn sets the tone for service delivery that routinely achieves above goal performance for our clients, and their customers. Our employee-centric culture, empowering team members to learn, take responsibility, ask questions and continually raise the bar contributes significantly to achieving customer service excellence. Employees who are prepared and confident deliver great performance! One additional element of MK’s culture that is unique and empowering are several in-house employee committees empowered to make a positive difference in all team member work-lives. These committees, consisting of employee volunteers and mentored by a member of the leadership team, encourage ideas and creativity. Individual contributions feed into empowered team discussions that feed into output that make a huge difference not only within the walls of our facilities, but also through the communities we live in and support.


Empower and Inspire

Various Charitable initiatives taken by MK demonstrates significant and enthusiastic levels of employee engagement. Several international and local organizations, selected by employee committees, are benefactors of the efforts. Examples of causes we love include Days for Girls distributions in collaboration with the Days for Girls Tacoma (WA, USA) chapter, books and blankets distribution at orphanages and old age homes, visiting people with special needs, as well as helping non-profit organizations. Conducting blood donation camps is also a regular activity held at MK to encourage employee community participation. Every positive action taken by one, or many, makes a difference!

MK For Charity
The Big Effect

Every small action can make a Big Impact

MK culture also demonstrates concern for the world we share and the limited availability of natural resources. Even one individual can make a positive impact by embracing small but crucial changes in daily life. This example then motivates others to take similar actions. Some examples of actions our team members take:

  • Bring washable and reusable coffee/tea tumbler (less usage of paper cups)
  • Automate forms to be online and take e-Notes (stay paperless at all times)
  • Drive less (use public transport and car-pooling)