6 Facts That Make Customer Support Agents Better Than Chatbots



It is an era of technological advancements and development. With a large number of companies introducing some or the other advanced technological innovation in the form of products or services, there is no doubt that technology is fast replacing the human brain. People are now developing an increased dependence on these advancements.

Contact centers are in no way left untouched from these developments. With technologies like chatbot replacing the services offered by customer support executives, there is no doubt that the introduction of these technologies at a massive scale is bound to create a higher technological dependency and unemployment.

Chatbot, the short name for ‘Chat Robot’ is a computer-programmed text and voice-based interface powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Allowing the end user to interact with it and extract the requisite information, chatbot is much more efficient as they stay on the job 24*7.

But, it is important for the companies to understand that customers still prefer to interact with a human to get any of their queries resolved. To meet this need, the services offered by the customer support executives are the safest option. Believe it – the service delivery by a customer care representative is far better than the automated answering machines. Wondering how? Read on to understand the difference between chatbots and customer support executives and how the latter is better than the former.

1. Seamless Customer Experience

Since chatbot is a programmed interface that is designed in a way that enables an easy interpretation of the customer’s query, there is can never be complete reliability on the experience offered by these machines. It is possible that the machine is not able to interpret the query raised by the customer and hence, offers an inappropriate solution.

These concerns do not arise when the services are being delivered by a customer support executive. A human brain can easily interpret, understand and resolve all sorts of queries raised by the customers in comparison to the machines that have a limited set of data inserted. The customer experience, in this case, is surely going to be much better than with chatbots.

2. 24×7 Customer Service

Customers can have queries at any point of time. Therefore, it is important for any customer-centric organization to be available at their service 24*7. And, this can only be possible if they have a staff recruited to handle such queries. While implementing the Chatbot feature is a great idea to be at your customers’ service at all times, it is certainly not completely reliable.

There can be times when the customer begins to ask something that is not fed in the AI or is difficult to be interpreted by the machines. In such situations, Chatbots won’t be able to serve any help and the need of customer support executives substantiate. Having a customer support executive on board takes away the stress of leaving the customer queries unresolved or on hold.

3. Reduced Stress

Using an automated machine is a definite cause of stress and tension. While many believe that this feature can ease off the stress from the user’s life, it is important to understand that Chatbots can also cause excessive stress. This can be the case if there is an uncertain delay in resolving the customer query or helping him/her connect with the right representative.

Such and many other similar situations do not arise if there are customer support executives employed to handle all the queries. These executives not only handle their queries but also help in making sure that the customers are not facing any unnecessary stress at the organization.

4. Personalized Service

Since chatbots are a programmed service, delivering personalized service to every customer is not possible. This is the domain where the role of best and experienced customer support staff is undeniable. Having a well-trained customer support staff on duty can make it possible for you to deliver personalized services to your customers. This, in turn, would allow them to discuss their issues easily and comfortably with the staff, who, in turn, is eligible and trained enough to provide you with the requisite solution.

5. Personifying the Brand

If giving your brand a unique identity in the market is your target, then opting for chatbots is not the right option for you. Chatbots are an automated machine functionality that does not offer any personalized touch or service to the customers.

Having a team of customer support executives on board is a great way to give a human face to your brand. The ways your support team interacts with the callers, the pace at which they resolve their queries, etc. gives your brand a unique identity.

6. Offering Training

Chatbots are a virtual customer support team that enables the delivery of customer support services as per the set standards and guidelines. But, this is not the case with customer support executives. There is a possibility of offering requisite training and release the guidelines as per the requirements of the new process, or function. Training the staff with the right tricks to handle customer queries and attain their maximum satisfaction is a sure shot way to attain success.

The Power of Human Interaction Supersedes Technology

Undoubtedly, the advanced technological developments have improved our lives. Chatbots are undoubtedly an innovative way to improve customer interaction but, it, still, cannot replace human interaction completely. Therefore, the best way out is to employ a mix of both these types and enable the delivery of such a customer experience that surpasses all expectations.


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