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5 Tips to Improve Your First Call Resolution [FCR] Score


When a customer calls a contact center, he/she expects the agents to resolve his/her query at the same time. Aware of his/her worth, a valuable custom...

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5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Outsourcing To A Contact Center


In today’s rapidly-evolving society, customer satisfaction still remains the key to success for every organization. Whether you have an in-house team ...

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6 Facts That Make Customer Support Agents Better Than Chatbots


It is an era of technological advancements and development. With a large number of companies introducing some or the other advanced technological inno...

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Repeat Customers: 7 Factors That Can Help Improve Customer Retention

Customer Retention

For a customer-centric organization, aiming to attain maximum customer satisfaction and improving the customer retention score are few of the top prio...

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10 Quick Tips To Reduce Average Handle Time – AHT


Jack is running a successful million-dollar company that makes an annual turnover of about $100 million. But over the past few months, he and his coll...

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Top 8 KPIs That Can Help Improve Your Customer Experience


The fact that customer experience is the key to success is not a new revelation. With the marketplace competition growing at a fast-pace, delivering a...

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All About Average Handle Time (AHT)


Performing the job of a call center agent is never easy. From handling customer requests to resolving their queries, the calls received by the call ce...

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7 Traits to Look For When Hiring Customer Service Agents


Customer service agents are the voice of every organization. No matter how great your product is, the quality of service offered by your customer serv...

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6 Top Reasons to Outsource Your Back-Office Operations


Whether you’re a pharmaceutical company, a major telecommunications firm, or a start-up seeking to disrupt existing markets, the competition in today’...

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Thinking About Outsourcing Your Customer Support? Here’s Why You Should


Customer Support is crucial for any organization’s success today. Without a strong support team, it is hard to retain customers and grow the business ...

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