How MattsenKumar’s Back-Office Expertise Helped The Largest Global Food Aggregator Achieve Operational Excellence

Case Studies

Customer Profile

The client is one of the leading global food aggregators and food delivery startup serving over 11.2 million customers on average every month. They are present in over 20 countries and 10000 cities across the globe. They also boast of having more than a million restaurants globally on their platform. Over the last decade or so, they have grown from a 3 member team to a workforce of over 5000 employees around the globe.

Business Challenge

The client’s success is reliant on the number of restaurants onboarded, the quality of their menus with the right information, and a quicker turnaround in onboarding these restaurants onto the platform. With the number of restaurants being added daily increasing, it was becoming a bottleneck for the operations team to keep the merchants happy while onboarding them efficiently.

The top challenges faced by the operations team were:

  • A dire need for an effective menu management process and framework to manage the incoming volumes daily
  • A faster turnaround time for processing the menus provided by the merchants
  • Dwindling quality of the menus created due to wrong information being added onto the platform
  • An increasing dissatisfaction score among merchants due to lack of transparent communication from the client
  • In addition to all these challenges, the client’s team was also struggling with the added burden of increased customer queries on their email and chat support channels

Project Objectives

The client approached our team to address these challenges in an effective and with a quicker turnaround time. They were looking for a partner with solid experience in establishing and managing back-office processes for organizations from varied industries.

Following were the project objectives established and agreed upon for the project

Our Approach

The project was delivered in separate phases that addressed the critical challenges faced by the client’s team. Each phase focused on aligning the team’s goals to the client’s objectives so that faster execution was made possible.

The project was divided into 5 phases

Phase I

Our team kicked off the project by studying the client’s existing menu creation process and understanding the key steps involved. This helped the team in gauging the technology and skillset requirements needed to manage the process effectively. As a next step, our team analyzed the merchant communication program of the client to understand the existing loopholes to improve upon.

The next step was to understand the customer support process in action for email and chat channels. A deep-dive into the type of queries received, the technology deployed, and the documentation helped the team to devise the action plan ahead.

Phase II

Once the existing process for menu creation was analyzed and studied, our team designed our menu creation framework for achieving the key results for the client. This framework focused on the process, manpower needs, training requirements, and deployment of the team.

Our recruitment team partnered with the team to hire over 140 agents with the right skillsets as assessed. These agents were trained and prepared for the process requirements in 2 weeks. Deployment saw immediate results for the client and the team was able to deliver the right results.

Phase III

Menu creation was the first hurdle that the team was able to manage but quality checks of existing and freshly created menus were the next challenge to be tackled. Once the current QC process was examined, our team could identify the right areas of improvement for delivering better quality scores for the menus.

A new QC framework was developed with a focus on the key determinants of menu quality for the client. This framework encompassed the processes, manpower, and technology aligned to quality goals. Agents with the right skillsets were hired, trained, and deployed for managing the QC program. This team was entrusted with the goal of delivering high-quality menus that were made live on the client’s platform.

Menu Management Process

Phase IV

To tackle the challenge of rising merchant dissatisfaction, our team identified the common queries raised by them. These included addition or deletion of menu items, tagged or untagged items under menu headers, customizations not working correctly, etc.

A process was designed to address merchant queries promptly with the right goals and measures. Our agents were trained on the client’s technology for handling merchant queries and deployed post-training. Our team was able to solve a higher number of merchant queries within weeks of deployment with much higher accuracy for the client.

Phase V

One of the key objectives of the project was to effectively handle customer queries on email and chat support channels. Our team after analyzing the existing process for managing customer queries designed an email and chat support process for handling the delayed order category.

This included assessing the skillset needs, key performance indicators, establishing the right measures, and checks. A team of agents skilled in email and chat support was deployed for the client’s process and they were successful in delivering impressive results quickly.


One of the highlights of this project was the quick turnaround as the client approached us with some burning challenges faced. The entire project was designed, tested, and deployed in 4 weeks.

What We Delivered

Menu Creation Process

  • Over 140 agents were hired, trained, and deployed for the process within 2 weeks during the pandemic
  • More than 1500 menus were created with over 80% accuracy from the first week of kick-off

Merchant Query Management Process

  • More than 10,000 tickets processed with an accuracy of over 93% every week since the launch
  • Agents delivering 114% volume per agent with the help of increased efficiency methodologies

Customer Support via Email/Chat Process

  • The TAT of chat maintained on average under 10 seconds against a target of 30 seconds
  • First response adherence achieved at an average of 91% against a set goal of 85%

Client Testimonial

“Within a month, the team at MK has become such an integral part of our menu management, merchant query handling, and customer support process. Their support during this pandemic was commendable and I thank them for their promptness”

Head – Operations, Global Food Aggregator Platform

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