Another Look at Customer Loyalty Through NPS Analytics

Customer Profile

A diversified public North American communications and media company operating primarily in the field of wireless communications, cable television, telephone, and Internet connectivity with significant additional telecommunications and mass media assets

Industry: Telecom
Annual Revenue: Approx. $13.2Billion

Business Challenge

Our client, one of the largest cable television provider in North America offering cable, high-speed Internet access and telephony services, approached MattsenKumar to study their NPS and highlight improvement opportunities to impact their customer experience and loyalty outputs.

Project Objective

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a wildly popular tool for assessing consumer's likelihood to recommend a company's product or service. The score is the heart of a Net Promoter System, but one can't take action without knowing the reason why a consumer rates it as "likely to recommend" or "unlikely to recommend"

The study aimed to -

  • Understand the key drivers for Detractors.
  • Determine the significance of customer experience factors driven by Service offerings and Agent Behavior

Our Approach

Our findings and recommendations were based on -

  • Over 8000 surveys that were studied and nearly 250 survey calls analyzed by our team to investigate agent behavior and link the drivers to promoters and detractors.
  • Using regression analysis the consumer satisfaction factors were examined to identify top drivers for consumer satisfaction and dissatisfaction.


With the help of Key Driver Analysis, the MK Team focused on those consumers who were dissatisfied with the quality of service. Month on month trending on NPS for Consumer vs Technical support calls showed negative NPS scores

our approch

Top issues were further deep dived and findings reported on 'Consumer' and 'Technical Support' campaigns.

Consumer Support campaign 'Billing issues' were the primary opportunities with key issues being:

  • Unresolved billing issue
  • Bills not reflecting recent changes
  • Credits weren't applied as promised

On the Technical Support campaign, 'TV' product drove most negative customer experiences. We heard customers having issues with -

  • Limited access to channels
  • Video recorder not working
  • Black screen
our approch

Also, 55% of the opportunities were related to agent behavior due to illegitimate hold and transfers.

our approch

Our peeling of the onion showed that offering 'Innovative products and services' is not a significant driver of customer experience when its offered alone, but it is significant when combined with 'Easy to use' and 'Reliable'.

our approch

We showed our customer that it was important for the agents to communicate the timeline for resolution along with accurately understanding the consumer's need above other factors.


Our anaysis helped our customer get a deeper insight into the "actual" critical aspects impacting customer experience & loyalty. Considering the above results, it appeared that "customer efforts" was an important aspect that needed to be tied to the survey responses and was our recommendation for inclusion in the survey form. This enabled the client to, at an orgainzation level as well, to focus on business opportunities while improving on agent's opportunities. Through combined efforts our client experinced an improvement of 9.4 points in Consumer Support Campaign & 12.1 points in Technical Support campaign was observed at the end of 9 months post this project.

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