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MattsenKumar implements a smart "invisible" human engagement that significantly improves IVR usage for our client

Customer Profile

Founded in 2002, the Client is dedicated to creating one ecosystem for all consumer important information – on the desktop, in the cloud, and on mobile. This company transforms the digital and paper documents into useful, organized information for their clients, which we support through our BPO services. Their integrated system of software, hardware, cloud service and mobile app makes it easy to acquire, search, share, and access the most important information, anytime and anywhere.

Industry: IT-Enabled Services

Business Challenge

Several customers needed to reduce substantial percentages (50%+) of traditional live voice to “smart” guided IVR to significantly reduce non-sales voice time and increase overall conversion. Accuracy in caller identification and support requirement was the key.

Project Objective

The goal of the project was to enhance client's existing IVR system with a more robust system that:

  • Allowed for improved accuracy
  • Detailed process mapping to identify the demand drivers and existing workflows aimed to enable the client to visually characterize their key processes
  • Increased caller identification and support level rates
  • Simplified and improved IVR experience

Our Solution

MK BPO agents utilized Spoken Communications Smart IVR solution to support the client's requirement. Spoken's solution addresses the challenge of speech recognition: the issue of accuracy by blending the best automated speech recognition engines with the safety net of real-time human correction. MK’s team of highly trained and dedicated agents were trained to be 'Silent Human Guides’---- monitoring the client’s call queue at the backend, making pinpointed utterance corrections in real time to improve the accuracy of the speech recognition capabilities , resulting in increased routing accuracy and reduced opt outs . The hosted solution supports grammar based speech recognition with human assistance or Guides, enabling a 100% automated, self-service environment for the customer that eliminates caller frustration and dramatically improved call routing.

user life cycle

The ‘Silent Guide’ BPO agents from MK monitor tens of thousands of traditional voice calls monthly. When the automated speech recognition engine (ASR) gives a caller's verbatim utterance a low confidence score, instead of repeating the question, the Spoken Smart IVR flags the utterance for the Silent Guide to correct while immediately sending the caller on to the next prompt. The silent guide needs to be quick and highly accurate to enable a seamless accurate experience for the user.

The Smart IVR provides proven return on investment for:

  • Caller identification and authentication
  • 24/7 self-service
  • Automated directory assistance


The deployment of the Smart IVR solution enabled the customers to opt for more self-service actions and also increased the accuracy of reaching the right agent for their queries. It reduced user frustration with IVR experiences thereby enhancing the user satisfaction and returning impressive results:

  • Increase in self-service automation rates to 73% .A big win in customer confidence is using the automated solution.
  • Reduction in misrouted sales calls by 30%. A big customer pet peeve was landing in the wrong place, Spoken Smart IVR customer was able to give their users a better and accurate experience
  • The Smart IVR Customers experienced a reduction in their AHT for technical support calls by 12%
  • Most importantly, overall sales conversion for one large consumer customer ultimately increased by 22% average (monthly over an annual basis), and first call resolution for another customer improved 18% (annualized).

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