Here’s why you should consider outsourcing your customer support

If you haven’t yet tried outsourcing, this may help!

As discussed in our previous blog article, Customer Support (CS) is a vital part of any organization’s offerings. Without a strong support team, it is hard to retain customers.

However, creating and managing your own CS team is no mean feat. For smaller scale companies that have fewer clients, having just a handful of people managing your customer support team may work. Companies with a larger customer base, naturally, need larger support teams

But space is usually at a premium and the human resources required to man the CS desk are often scarce and/or costly. Added to this, setting up your CS team internally means that you’ll need to take time away from your core business activities to hire, train and maintain this team. In other words, it could eat into both your profitability and your time.


This is where business process outsourcing comes in handy. When you outsource your voice operations, you often have the chance of hiring better talent at cheaper prices. In addition to this, even if the rates paid were similar, you still end up saving on infrastructure and hiring costs. Not to mention, with the additional hiring and training work taken off your plate, you have more time to spend on improving your business proposition.

Apart from this, business process outsourcing can provide you with a host of other benefits too. One such benefit is the ability to provide support 24 hours a day – something that can be especially useful for customers who are working professionals as it can often prove difficult to make time to handle personal business during the day. Another benefit is that you get access to a larger well-trained and qualified talent pool (particularly true in the case of countries like India), among other things. (Read more about the benefits of outsourcing to India.)

Customers also want option to contact you via multiple channels. No matter how large or small your need is, it is important to find a partner who can offer you the flexibility of servicing your clients over both voice and chat, and who can also handle customer contacts via social media - something that no one can ignore anymore.

All in all, with the right outsourcing partner for customer support, you can improve your customer’s overall satisfaction with your organization, which in turn can fuel your growth and brand loyalty.

**Choosing a right partner is critical. Stay tuned for our next blog in this: ”Marriages made Offshore : How to choose the partner that’s right for you.” Or contact us here for assistance in this area

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Posted by Aarati Kumar

Aarati Kumar has 20 years of experience across various domains and has progressively more responsible BPO leadership experience within India. She started in the domestic India contact center management space, and after transitioning to the international call center space, soon became one of the first female general managers across all of Asia. That experience led to senior roles managing vendor service delivery for a Fortune 50 company and being Country-head of the largest Third Party Quality Services Provider globally. A proven leader who has effectively built complex service delivery teams, her success within the offshore market speaks for itself.