Expert’s View: Biggest Challenge Faced by Today’s Contact Center Leader

Contact Center Leaders and Managers have spent numerous sleepless nights ensuring well-being of agen...

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Product Discovery

How E-commerce Platforms can Benefit by Improving Product Discovery?

It is obvious for you to look from outside and discover fulfillment rate and delivery speed as the k...

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data visualization tools

Future Ready Data Visualization Tools for Business Executives

The saying “Most of the world will make decisions either by guessing or using the gut. They wi...

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improve seller performance

10 Tips to Improve Seller Performance on Your Online Marketplace

A study by KPMG reveals that “54% of buyers shop online because they can shop at all hours of ...

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Call Center Benchmarking

What, Why and How of Call Center Benchmarking?

Rigorous scrutiny, traversing for redundancies and unearthing inefficiencies were the stereotyped de...

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customer experience metrics

5 Key Customer Experience Metrics that Can Help You Double the Revenue

A consumer-facing business often faces a dilemma about whether to improve on customer experience man...

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MK Conducts Mindfulness-Based Training Sessions; Participants Learn How To Stop Before They Begin

A recently conducted study has discovered that an average person’s attention span is a mere 8 second...

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start-up business

10 Reasons That Explain Why Investing in Contact Center is Good for Start-Ups

Eliza is the owner of a newly-established start-up that has been doing well in the market so far. Th...

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Quality Monitoring

Call Center Quality Monitoring: 10 Tips To Up The Game for SaaS Companies

Like every SaaS company that is passionate about keeping its customers happy, Smith has always staye...

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Contact Center Agents

Contact Center Agents Performance: This Is How You Can Help Them Improve

Joey has been working as a contact center executive for over a year now. A keen learner with a quest...

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