An Overview of Impact of COVID-19 on E-commerce Industry

COVID-19 has made the world stand still; the governments are urging people to stay inside, enterpris...

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healthcare outsourcing

Outsourcing in Healthcare- Key Trends to Watch Out For

By 2024, the Healthcare industry will be outsourcing projects worth $105.60 billion. The expenditure...

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MK Takes Strong Measures to Combat COVID-19

With 21,000+ people dead and over 472,000 infected, COVID is now a pandemic that has affected almost...

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Omnichannel Customer Experience for E-commerce Players: A Primer

US-based luxury furniture manufacturer, Value City Furniture was experiencing sleepless nights. Heav...

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International women's day

International Women’s Day 2020- Meet 11 Inspiring MK Women Leaders

Name: Aarati Kumar Role: Chief Operating Officer 1. What advice will you give to your younger self?...

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BPO Awards

MattsenKumar Recognized as One of The 10 Most Promising BPO Management Service Providers

Our team at MattsenKumar always strives to function as a partner who delivers for our client organiz...

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B2B Challenges

B2B E-commerce Challenges & Solutions  

Gartner estimates “75% of B2B procurement spending will happen via online marketplaces within the ne...

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MattsenKumar Featured in “India’s Best Companies to Work For- 2020”

For over 10 years, our team at MattsenKumar has worked hard to build a company culture where employe...

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E-commerce competitor benchmarking

Competitor Benchmarking & E-commerce Growth: A Primer

E-commerce players have tried everything from cash-on-delivery to one-day delivery and from free ret...

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outsourcing for startups

Processes Every Growing Start-up Should Consider Outsourcing

“Good idea, bad implementation” is perhaps the phrase that explains why 90% of start-ups fail. 24% o...

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