Can Business Process Outsourcing help Organizations Survive This Pandemic?

Earlier organizations relied on outsourcing for improving efficiency, leveraging industry expertise,...

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e-commerce outsourcing partner

How to Select The Right E-commerce Outsourcing Partner?

Building a unicorn e-commerce platform from scratch is a daunting process. Developing an in-house te...

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e-commerce product page

The Anatomy of a Perfect E-commerce Product Page

Competitor benchmarking, intellectual researches and intricate studies have yet again attributed qua...

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Outsourcing in BFSI

How To Select The Best Outsourcing Partner For Your BFSI Processes?

Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance sector have aggressively transformed themselves and lever...

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MattsenKumar Prepares to Reopen With New Rules & Precautions in Place

A nascent virus that was never heard off before spread mysteriously and brought the entire world to ...

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e-commerce conversion improvement tips

7 Conversion Improvement Tips for E-commerce Players

2 decades ago, when the e-commerce industry started brooding, little did anyone expect that a time w...

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e-commerce marketplace management tips

10 E-commerce Marketplace Management Tips for Greater Success

From outside, e-commerce marketplaces look like an exquisite combination of products and offer where...

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Best Practices & Precautions for Offline Retail Players to Tackle The Pandemic

To contain the spread of COVID-19, multiple countries have implemented lockdown. India and Singapore...

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MattsenKumar Reimagines Learning & Training Paradigms during COVID-19

Earlier 7% of the US workforce used to work from remote locations, ever since COVID-19 was declared ...

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8 Contact Center Metrics to Focus on During Lockdown

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the focus has shifted from customers to employees. Organizations to...

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